Who else refuses to race auto on ANY Forza?

I will not play Forza unless I play manual with clutch. Anyone else like that? Automatic is not an option, and doesn’t make sense to play with a manual trans without the clutch… I like coming out of turns and grabbing lots of throttle for that launch!!! :smiley:


Of course there are lots of players prefer to play manual with clutch, not really sure why you’d ask.

As for “grabbing lots of throttle for that launch” I have no idea what that means. Generally to be quick you have to be smooth.


Each one should play how he enjoy it the most.

I race with clutch because in general it’s faster, but everyone does not play to be fast.


Ever since F1 I used manual (Manual w/ clutch once it became available in later games) as that is all I want to use IRL as well.

My 2012 GTi was the first auto (DSG) car I ever owned and I sold it 8 months later. Same in all racing games, I have to be in control of the gears with manual!

I prefer realism as much as possible and that means if a car in real life has an automatic transmission then I prefer to drive that car in Forza with automatic as well.


I forgot to mention what I prefer to do. :slight_smile:

With my racing rig I prefer manual with clutch (Obutto R3volution + TX base + GT leather wheel + T3PA + TH8A) for all cars that have it in reality. Vintage racers, roadsters and tourers being my favorite cars for this mode. For the fastest cars however and this means mostly R & P class I prefer the paddle shifters so that means manual w/o clutch for you controller gamers. Luckily most of those cars (albeit modern) have it in reality too. And for the occasional oddball car that has an automatic transmission IRL I prefer to drive that way even though in general I like manual and manual with clutch more.

But due to a knee injury I’m temporary using the controller and there I just play everything manual w/o clutch, started automatic a few months ago but got used to manual now. I tried manual with clutch for a while but CBA to bother to learn it, it’s a temporary solution anyway.

I started with auto in Fm4 and as I progressed I saw where I was losing time coming out of the turns and not being in the proper power band. It took a bit of retraining but after awhile shifting “w/o clutch” became normal.
The only problem I have is accidentally grabbing reverse when downshifting in an extremely tight turn.

I can’t seem to master manual with clutch, but I never play with auto. It’s manual with no clutch for me.

My defense for it is that many of the cars in the game have paddle shifters and no manual clutch anyway, plus I drive a 5 speed IRL!

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I’ve tried auto a few times and it is very frustrating for me. I like having control over the transmission. Auto causes me to slow down more, and then the acceleration is slower as well.

But i see the necessity of it. It’s really good when you’re first learning how to drive and a few of my friends prefer auto (since they’ve never driven a car with manual before).

I am a disabled veteran who was unable to use manual w/clutch due to nerve damage in my hand. I was given an Xbox 360 and some games when I got home from the hospital, because the doctor said it would be good therapy. So I played all of FM2 and FM3 using automatic. The therapy helped and over time I regained about 90% use of my hand and was able to transition to manual w/clutch mid way through FM4.
So, there Are valid reasons why someone might use something other than manual w/clutch.
I’m glad I can now, because it made me much faster and I enjoy it more. But playing with auto actually helped me.



It’s a transitional thing I drive a 5 speed and have rode bikes and quads for most of my life my issue is is that the manual/w clutch shifting is a little unrealistic to way shifting happens, so I used manual no clutch for a long time, but since getting gold and seeing how much faster you can be using clutch I sucked it up for more speed and recapped the layout for ease of use and comfort. But I do miss using my right stick for shifting it was fun lol

I used Automatic when I first got in to the series, but then I started using Manual a few years ago, and after getting used to it I really didn’t like Automatic anymore. Haven’t gotten used to Manual with clutch yet.

And it’s not just in Forza that I prefer Manual anymore, it’s pretty much any racing game with a manual option.

I only use manual but with auto clutch. For me it’s no fun that the clutch is either on or off and there is no feathering unless you have a wheel and pedals I assume.


Auto only except in drag races.

I use automatic mainly for two reasons, one because I’m lazy and it is a game and I play mostly single player, and the second reason when I do play multiplayer I’m concentrating on other things and don’t want to blow a gear change and cause others any possible trouble.

Is it slower, I guess, I tried manual a few times and just can’t really get the hang of it and so am slower using it. Are there times I would really like manual, you bet, but the trade off just doesn’t make it worth it for me. I drive manual IRL so it is funny to play using automatic, but it is just what I’m comfortable with.

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+1 to this! I insist on a five speed always IRL but if I was to drive manual w clutch in Forza I’d hit every wall. Most of the time I have it on auto in cockpit view. Makes it simpler especially for online play.


I really can’t think of anybody that doesn’t use the clutch.

The only reason why people use manual with clutch is to bypass any transmission upgrades which allows the saved pi to be used on power or handling.
In my opinion it is a broken mechanic in the game which needs to be fixed.

I agree, there seems to be something not right about the transmission selections. With the S class and above the race trans starts to be an option but the pi cost of them is too much for lower class cars. So you’re stuck with a stock transmission that seems pretty clunky and not fun to drive but with the extra pi you can spend on power, it makes up for it. It seems with the cars that offer the “street” transmission it is the fastest choice and usually doesn’t cost much pi, or even lower pi than stock.

As far as realism, the choices you can make are not always realistic but it is giving you more options with a car to race it with other cars that are equally set up… ie. if you have a real 1950 vette you’re not going have an option of having abs/tcm/tcs/tiptronic when you’re driving a stock transmission.

I’m like quite a few others reguarding the clutch/no clutch deal. Most of the time in cars that have no manual clutch in real life, I use Manual w/o Clutch, and W/ Clutch if it has a manual clutch, and has a longer shift time… But this is mainly for career and Rivals. But for leagues, I use manual w/o clutch cause I’m in between professional and Elite divisions, so Sim Damage is on, and I occasionally miss the “A” button for the clutch (have clutch and handbrake swapped as I don’t use handbrake at all).

The only time, and I mean THE ONLY TIME, I use auto, is for this piece of crap Formula E cars. If I use manual with those cars, I am always missing almost every shift point because I can’t hear the engine because the cars have electric motors that are quiet. So, for me, auto is taboo except for the Formula E pieces of crap… End Rant on those cars. lol

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