Whitehaven Beach


I live in the rainy UK town of Whitehaven and I know that Whitehaven Beach is in Australia and also in Forza Horizon 3 but could someone tell me where it actually is on the FH3 map?

I have googled but found nothing helpful in regards to it, just a copy and paste of the same press releases over and over again that mention Whitehaven Beach, but nothing that shows where it is.

I had Major Nelson’s drivatar invite me to a convoy to the location but it crashed into a tree and didnt move.

Not sure about this. Looked up whitehaven beach and it appears to be on island in Queensland-- can’t even place this on obviously distorted FH3 map. There is no island off coast to go to in FH3

Planned for an expansion perhaps?

Most likely, I also discovered at least one Barn that isn’t marked as one on my Map - I have all Barn Finds - either there are more than needed and they are randomly choosen from the game or this one is also for a upcoming DLC.

I think the whitehaven beach is the area were shipwrecks are.

Look at this image, it looks like the shipwrecks sand area…

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I think I found the same image tbh and thought the same but online maps have it as an island somewhere but the game doesn’t so I was confused.

Yeah I didn’t laugh at the time, even rammed the drivatar away from the tree but it still didn’t move.