White letter tires

So i was wondering if more cars are gonna see white letter tire options. Super cars have them, some Japanese cars have them…how come muscle cars, especially the older ones( ie. trans ams, mustang, amc’s, older corvettes and camaros…etc…etc) dont have white letter tire options except for H.E editions. These are cars that in many cases had white letter tires stock…(the 69 mustang for example). These are the cars that are supposed to have white letter tires and dont…yet we can put them on Lambo’s, Ferrari’s, and Paganis?? It may seem trivial and petty, but it would be so awesome putting white letter tires on my Trans Ams, and all my other muscle cars…So any chance? please? PUH-LEEEEEEEEEASE…

I didnt mean to post this tread twice, sorry about that.

You are absolutely right. Have to say that the support crew must be made up of too much geek and not enough car nut. Either that or they are just way out of touch. How long does it take to google a car pic and determine if it was equipped with raised white letter tires? At this point, just add it to the list of disappointments. With; Porsche w/o a 928, Mustang w/o a convertible, tires that grow inward in width, trucks w/o RWL tires completely, weak telephone-poles and petrified saplings, etc

The mods should pin a disapointment list for such things - the wish list isnt working