Which view do you all use?

Just curious. Outside the car, cockpit view ect.?

In-car for singleplayer and private matches w my friends, hood for lobbies.

hood view mostly. went to it when that update spiderwebed the windshield if you even breathed on it. wish i could use chase view to remove blind spots but just cant get the hang of it.

Left hand drive = cockpit, RHD = front bumper although I’ve been leaving it cockpit in RHD cars sometimes lately and it’s not really messing me up the way it used to.

Hood,all the way!

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They way I look at it, they modeled the whole thing, might as well use it. To me it kind of assists in the whole “immersion” thing.

I switched when it became available (Forza 3 maybe?) And haven’t looked back.

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My thoughts exactly.

I use outside of the car. Much easier to see wreckers and bad drivers as the come near me, but in single player I used cockpit view

Bumper Cam. Sometimes Cockpit for the lulz.

Cockpit view For all racing except if my windshield is smashed I switch to hood view. Outside view and sometimes cockpit view for drifting

i like cockpit view till the screen gets smashed so switch to bonnet/ hood view most of time hood view helps with tuning as i can tell to little or to much arb as the car lifts in corners

Cockpit view, all the time.

Chase view all the way. The only time I use cockpit view is sometimes during replays.

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I want to use cockpit, but hood seems to be faster/easier to handle the car.

Exactly this. Don’t know why, but everytime the race gets a bit tricky I switch to the hood to keep up.

I use the far chase view. Always have, always will.

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I only play rwd drift and always use cockpit view :slight_smile:

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In car mostly but sometimes hood view.

Cockpit, I also turn off almost all the hud except for the tachometer, it’s more immersive to me.

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I use 3rd-person chase cam, for three reasons.

  1. Since I can’t FEEL what the car is doing, weight-balance wise, I have to SEE it, in order to evaluate the car’s stability moment-to-moment.

  2. 3rd-person allows for much more peripheral vision, without having to mess about with the right-hand thumbstick.

  3. I can see the gorgeous car model and paintjob.

You can hear the engine more clearly to boot!