Which the ideal customization Wraith Rolls- Royce car at Brands Hatch

Hello guys!

I need some help…I can not get down the time of 1:39:552 in the Roll-Royce challenge at Brands Hatch. I have done many tests in improvement workshop and tuner configuration and I can not reduce my time of 1:40:798.

How do I do?


I personally haven’t tried it yet but I know HLR PRkid has a tune shared just for that. Might want to give that a shot :slight_smile: Good luck mate!

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Yes, I do Okierican…thanks for the shoutout to my GT…I have 2 versions (try V2) and working on a 3rd (with and w/o Aero).


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I prefer a grip tune at Brand Hatch, so I’m using full aero in my tunes. I’ve been slowly tweaking my tune and chipping away on my time (1:39.448), slightly ahead of Triton’s prelim time, but I know his next time will require a significant improvement to keep up. Good luck.

I just uploaded a tune called Brands Hatch WIN under my name (Protonus), that I would recommend you try, it’s a high grip build, tuned painstakingly over many laps first at WGI to sort out the chassis, and then many more laps at Brands Hatch to dial it in perfect for that track. It it much easier to drive and forgiving than some of the other tunes I’ve tried from others.

It’s a hard car to tune for sure, but I think I got a perfect setup out of it finally (or as perfect as this land tank on a go kart track could be, lol). I’m not a very good driver, but I am a good tuner. So I gave the car to one of my friends and he pretty much immediately got a 1:39.5 out of it, and says it has another second in it, easy.


Any figures and information you can share would trully be apreciated. Ive set my aero to near maximum , made the vehicle lighter I am now looking for recomendations. Ive tried some tunes only to be unsatisfied , I would much rather self tune and learn about the dynamics.

What figure degree should the caster be set to?

How much camber?

Soft or hard springs?

Look foward to hearing from you,

Best regards

I put together a quick build last night just to get a time on the board.

I also used max aero, 100/200 lbs.

Caster is really for low speed cornering with a lot of steering. Brands Hatch’s corners are all 60+mph corners so I don’t think it will have a big impact.

I used -1.7 camber . . . just because I felt like it. It’s a heavy car with understeer tendencies so I’m using more camber than usual.

I have the springs at 1000/975 lbs/in. Front still feels tight and struggles to put the power down coming out of corners so I’m going to try 900/880 next.

The car did not like the first corner inside curb so also going to reduce bump damping to 4.0 range.

1:39.0 last night and looking forward to getting it in 1:38 obviously.

Hi GRD 4 3L ,

Thanks for the speedy reply!. Ill try that now. Thank you!.

All the best

P.S. Done well over 100 laps with diferent tunes. i0I still tinkering for that sweet spot.

Hmm ill probably work on this when I get home and see what I can get over the weekend… What was the benchmark lap again ?

Currently set at 1:39.522 by RBW Triton (T10 Developer).


Nice yes, I will also be tuning more tomorrow. Trying .
. : )