Which Steering Wheel

I’m looking at getting a steering wheel for Forza 5. There seem to be quite a few and varied in priced. As some quite expensive i was wondering what people are already using or could recommend. I’m more interested in the ones with really good force feedback than the techy ones (with loads of button)

Thank you in advance

You have 3 choices on Xbox One. Thrustmaster TX & 458 Spider. Plus the one by Mad Catz. The Thrustmaster 458 Spider has a rubber band system and cost $99. The one I have & in my opinion the best of the 3 is the $349 Thrustmaster TX. The TX has terrific FFB & Vibration. Plus it will do degrees of rotation from 270-900.

The Mad Catz wheel is $400 & only has 2 degrees of rotation. 270 & 900. Personally I don’t like Mad Catz products. Plus their wheel is just coming out. Haven’t seen reviews for it yet.

I know Inside Sim Racing loves the TX & is the main wheel they are using for YouTube videos for Xbox One & PC. Darin loves the FFB. He likes everything about the wheel, except pedals that come with it (you can upgrade to the T3PA pedals, which he loves). Plus he doesn’t care for rim that comes on it, he prefers the GTE add on wheel rim (I have both GTE & F1 wheel rim add on. I love F1). You should check out there review for the TX. They will do a review on Mad Catz in a couple weeks when he gets one from them. I am expecting him not to like it.

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