Which multiplayer lobby is most likely to have "Test Track Full Circuit"

In playing multiplayer for great amounts of time (ie, at least 4 hrs a day) the past week or soI have noticed that some tracks/ribbons are more likely to appear in certain Multiplayer lobbies than other.

At this point I have seen nearly every ribbon available to be voted on in one Lobby or another but I have yet to see “Test Track Full Circuit” ever offered as an option. It does appear to me that the R class lobby offers the widest range of choices.

For anyone who has seen the Test Track Full Circuit ribbon as an option, do you remember which Lobby it was in?

I am down to 9 total ribbons yet to go and have seen 8 of them offered (but they never get enough votes, lol) but have yet to see the Test Track.

Any and all help is appreciated!

I’d like to know as well. Drift lobbies maybe?

I’ve seen it come up in S class a few times although you could be playing days before seeing it.

Wondering which hopper has this track. Never seen it. Thanks.

Do the developers of this game comment/answer questions on these forums or is it just for fans to interact with one another? Thanks.

Primarily the latter.

Back to the topic at hand, you’re best off doing 1 Lap Races with a friend in a prviate lobby, for the tracks left in your checklist. It’s quicker and less random than doing it in the Hoppers.

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This; on both accounts.

Is there an easy way to know what tracks have already been raced online?