Which house

Hi guys,

So I have about £38m to spend and still running on my first house down near the festival. Any recommendations on what additional houses to buy as I know some obviously come with free items.

Just noticed this in relation to your other thread, if you buy Edinburgh Castle you get an Alfa P3, though if you just want the car it is a lot cheaper in the auction house.

You might also want to get Fairlawn Manor, which unlocks fast travel, if you are bothered about having to drive to every location.

Use the money to buy, and sell cars in the Auction, and you will be able to buy all of the houses in one go.

here’s a link listing all houses, prices and the rewards each gives you:

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Ok so toss up between Edinburgh with the Alfa or Bamburgh for £5m left but the barn find for the Bentley, both of which can be used for the Better with Age challenge. Thinking also an advantage to unlock all barn finds

My personal favorite is Bamburgh Castle for 10 mil, which also gives you 10 super wheelspins plus a barn find for a vintage bentley.

In terms of other house bonuses, fairlawn manor for fast travel, lakeside lodge for the 2x FP earning bonus, and the hunter’s lodge in the forest for skill songs are probably the most useful house bonuses IMHO.

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Ok thanks thinking Bamburgh as well so then at least it gets me closer to getting all Barn Finds. Lakeside with the double Forzthon assume that’s just the credits you earn and doesn’t help you get the percentage points up quicker?

It doubles your FP income from all sources (forzathon live, daily/weekly challenges) but doesn’t affect festival playlist completion percentage.

Having extra FP could be useful if a rare car you don’t have cycles through the forzathon shop. Plus the house comes with super wheelspins and happens to be one of the better looking properties.

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38 million can buy you all the houses… go for it:-)

But for reference, get the ones that give you fast travel and double FP - the rest are really not worth it.

Superwheel spins are crap - totally useless and 10 wheelspins are never worth 10 million cr

Like mentioned before the alfa and the bentley can be got for peanuts on AH(but you might not get the completion)