Which edition are you going to buy/pre-order?

I’m still thinking about which edition I should buy the Ultimate Edition or the normal.
It really depends on the dlc packs and if I look at horizon 2s dlc it wasn’t really good as most cars where or in forza motorsport 5 or where coming to forza motorsport 6.
I really don’t know if the dlc of horizon 3 will be the same way some cars from forza 6 and some that will be in forza 7 depending on this it will be the normal edition. But what are your thoughts?

Undecided between limited and normal.

VIP pass seems like it could be okay, but still unnecessary? I know I never felt like I was missing out in previous games without VIP status. There’s also a few extra car packs up front.
Ultimate I don’t care much about because I’ve never wanted every DLC car in previous games. As long as it’s possible pick and choose buy the one(s) I may actually want one by one, then I really don’t need the season pass. Plus there’s already way too many cars to choose from in the base game. I think it’s fine that they add more and support the game regularly with updates and new vehicles, but it’s not like I’m ever under-served or unsatisfied with what’s in the base game. I know others want absolutely everything but that’s not me.

Gamestop ultimate edition for the collectable centenario.

Ultimate edition. I just want to bring out the most of this game without paying for the game now and buying everything else later for a greater price.

Ultimate for me too. Personally, between Forza 6 and FH2 there were maybe 5-6 cars I liked from all the packs in the car pass months, but I want to give Forza all the money I can because they are finally releasing for PC. Personally if they just add in the 323ti, (Which I think is likely) than I will be a happy camper. But the day#1 cars and the VIP and the 4 day early access is all worth it to me, even for $40 more, so even if I only get 1-3 cars that I will absolutely love and use, than its still worth the extra money to me. I’ll honestly likely use all the cars from all the DLC’s just to try them out, but likely won’t ever use them for more than just testing. I just hope to god they don’t add in more race cars or limit it to a single pack. We need more street cars in Horizon IMO.

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Ultimate for the early release date lol and the DLCs of course

Well I think I’m going for normal as the early play days never has been a “take my money” feature of any game and the car pass well I’ve always pretty much resisted it with all forza’s only in forza 3 and 4 I’ve bought a lot off dlc but I waited for the most to just see which cars where in it I mean the car pass is a nice thing but you never know what you actually get so yeah I’m just going to wait and see maybe till forza 7 there won’t be any dlc for me but if it goes like forza 6 and has got a lot of cars I’m interested in I might buy it before forza 7 as long as there’s no forza RC event in which you can win it of course.

Posted this in another thread a while back. Might help you.

Definitely the Ultimate Edition!

Im getting the Ultimate just to show how much I love Playground Games. I do hope the future DLC’s are awesome road cars and not hyper cars. But thats just me!

I am getting the Ultimate Edition.

Ultimate edition. I get home work work about 17:50 BST, gives me 10 minutes to throw some food in the oven, then I have all weekend to blast through the game and see what I think of it

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Getting the Ultimate addition. I like the VIP with getting twice the money every spin. I don’t buy the normal Forza games so your above logic doesn’t work for me. I also want to play the game as soon as it comes out as I am in a lul right now so I am currently trying to finish out all the Championships on FH2 to pass the time.

i don,t no which one i should get what one u guys and girls geting

Get the Ultimate Edition, it saves you a TON on the DLC you’ll eventually be guilted in to buying.

Plus it has that sweet early access on the 23rd mang


I agree


ok thanks guys


Already got the Ultimate Edition preordered. Now the fun part of waiting… NOT! lol

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I just pre-ordered the Ultimate Edition today.

Yeah, I’ll be getting the Ultimate Edition. Did the same with FM6, and haven’t regretted it.