Which driver level Milestone reward do you tend to go for?

Ive been saving these as i cannot decide which of the three to go with.

Credits can be earned by racing.
Cars can be bought.

So that leaves driver gear as the final option as im not sure you can get them any other way.

I’m not bothered about the race gear, and I have easy cash from the tier rewards. So I choose the car to add to my collection points.

Originally, I had the same thought as you about the driver gear but I’ve decided to go with cars from now on (unless a rare suit that I like the look of pops up).

Always the car. Often times the car is discounted more than the credit reward value and the driver suits are nothing compared to a car. Especially since part of the progress depends on getting more cars.

I think it would have to be 2-3 driver suits when you select the suit option for me to even consider it.

Car, always car.

I’ll continue to do so until I’m at the highest Collector Tier.