Which cars are missing from my collection?

Hi. Is there an automated way to see a complete list of FH4 vehicles and which ones I own / am yet to own? Thanks y’all.

Go to an event location, select Solo, select Create Blueprint, tab right to Custom car themes, and Advanced Car Restrictions will show all cars in the game menus. Filter by Not Owned.


Go to car collection in the car tab. You can filter by not owned. I’m not sure however if it will include cars that are not in the autoshow when you filter.

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It will, the only cars missing on that list are the preorder cars.



Wonderful. Thanks guys!

For a full list of all the cars in the game there are three databases which are very useful:

ManteoMax (excel spreadsheets)

Kudosprime (includes photos, skill perks and the option to mark the database with cars in your garage)

Forza Wiki Fansite (good for finding out how to obtain individual cars)


I wish I’d known about this before the auction house price restrictions were removed. Now many of the the rarer cars are selling for silly money. D’oh!


If you own everything, the filter might not appear.

At least that’s how it works in the Autoshow.

Thank you for this.
I went trough the list around Christmas and checked every single one. Its a long list …

Wish there would also be an option to filter them by owner count. :slight_smile:
Just spend half a day and probably 100M, replacing cars that had more then 1 owner and I’ll probably have to go trough them again, to be sure :confused:

I hope you washed your hands…lol.

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Since they were dirty and also most of them went into the bin, I surely did. :slight_smile:
Also used some internal disinfection … mmm whiskey :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s a good car tracker app on the Android Play Store. It takes a while to tick off all the cars you’ve got if you have a lot. I have around 650 so I was sitting there for a while but now, when I go to the auction house I can filter out those that I already have and can tell if I want to bid on something.