Which car?

Hey everyone.Ive been saving for a while i have roughly 1,300,000 and would like a great car .I have a lambo,p1,ultima,venom but would like a new car.i know the alfa romero is the fastes but is very wobbly while the agera is much cheaper and more conventional.Any help would be appreciated.HAPPY DRIVING

The Agera is pretty quick, but tends to be somewhat loose and tough to drive- at least in Motorsport titles. In Horizon. it doesn’t do too well with AWD but as a RWD car it can do rather well in S2.

I’d buy the Alfa Romeo because it’s a good car and I like it. It’s also much easier to drive, and to drive fast, than the Agera.

If those aren’t the only two choices, I would look for some older open top cars such as the Ferrari Testa Rossa or Aston Martin DBR1.


recommend P1
I love Venom.

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set it to 998, I believe it is possible to set it to 617 KW and 1,290 kg

agera you need manual gearing and i also reccomend setting it to gear three right off the bat if you use manual

Veyron is a good choice, handles pretty well and won’t slide out as much as the venom for example. You could also go for the 250 Cali if you have the discount perk unlocked. Huayra is also a good choice as its fast stock and you get just over 30 PI to play with. Some of these cars are available in bucket list challenges, use them as a way to test drive and see if you like the traits :slight_smile:

I misread you OP and thought you had the Veneno. If you don’t that is a very good car for S2 and is the Huayra. They Huayra is pretty good in stock form, it gives you ample room to upgrade to the top of its class, and it does well in AWD and RWD.