wheres the may dlc clue?

the heading says it all wheres the may dlc clue thread im looking forward to some new cars as long as my cloud save doesnt decide to go awol first…

I’m thinking the pack will be released on its usual date of next Tuesday so I wouldn’t expect a clue thread until sometime later this week.

oh ok thanks for that i was jumping the gun a little bit lol

There’s a leak video doing it’s rounds on youtube, it mentions such cars as the Rolls Royce Ghost, Corvette Z06, Lambo Veneno and some others I can’t remember.

A better description is that a hoax video is doing it’s rounds. Having watched it I am astounded anyone could take it seriously.


That leak video came out way to early also the site where he got the info from pulled it which most likely makes it bogus. Also Rolls Royce was never in a racing game before so I doubt it would make its fist appearance in a DLC car pack. Plus bringing back some Bentley would make a lot more sense since they where in most previous games. The Mustang in that leak also didn’t make much sense. The only Mustang that Forza 5 needs at this point is the brand new 2015 model and if they bring back another one from a previous game it should be one of the Shelby models.

Project cars has Rolls and seeing as they are owned by BMW there’s theoretically no reason why they couldn’t appear in FM. That video is clearly fake though.

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My bad, just re watched the launch trailer an it looks like it’s an old Merc or something not a Rolls.

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You may be right. A 300 SEL 6.3 Merc was in Forza 4.

I always remember Rolls saying that they would never be shown in a video game. That’s cool though if they are in another game.

I’m thinking the Z06 (if added) would be the C7 version more than likely, not the C6.

It’s about time turn 10 thought outside of the box and released some new cars rather than the same old doc that we’ve bought previously. Why not rolls Royce… I get the licensing…there are so many good cars missed out!

Mk1 escort, triumph dolomite twin carb, metro gr4, Maserati shamal, Volvo Amazon, Bentley turbo R, Bentley Arnage Le Mans, sedanca, continental R, Mercedes sl, Citroen DS '55, MG TF, Marcos Mantula, chatty chitty bang bang, Capri and escort Mexico from the professionals, jaguar xk8, XJS I suppose it takes 1500 21 months to scan a car and render and blow its tires up?

Missing nordschlieffe …I think turn 10 need to get 52 people 1/4 mile each surely they could get that done in an evening…

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The z06 was one of my fav cars in forza 4!!

That video is such a joke. I could say more, but I won’t. That vid, just like this supposed leak, is most likely fake as a $3 bill. Until Turn10 confirms it, I won’t trust anything else.


They spilled the last car pack early. But I would guess they are doing another booster car pack with a track. Or a 10 pack first tuesday and booster pack/track later in May again.

how awesome it would be if the track/booster was a senna tribute?! :slight_smile:

I just checked and can’t find any evidence of Rolls-Royce in Project Cars, which would seem to prove that their stance on video games has not changed.

As for the other cars mentioned, they sound eerily similar to that bogus “leak” on the oft-vandalized Forza Motorsport Wiki.

There’re several games featuring Rolls-Royces, just not with the brand’s name. Proof

Without the name, it is nothing but a generic standin and means nothing, since it isn’t officially licensed by Rolls Royce.


The situation that they’re not branded as Rolls-Royce doesn’t change the fact that those cars are Rolls-Royces. If you’re used to mod games, you can change their name with no problem anyway.

Just cause they look the same does not mean it is 1 .
we all know the trademark grill and lights with a the solid body style games play on it just like china builds its knock off versions of there cars .

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