Where're the cows!!!

Does anyone know in which city I can find the cows and meadows and juxtaposed hairpin corners showcased in the TV commercial ? I can’t seem to find that piece of content…or is that still in the offing as a CU? Follow-up based on comments below: I’m dead serious, no sarcasm intended here at all. Is that content in the game now? At least the content where the car emerges from a narrow tunnel in the side of a mountain and there is greenery all around…looks and feels a bit like Scotland in the fall!!!

100% feeling the sarcasm in this post.

Sorry mate.


I don’t know about cows but there’s plenty of deer. They’re on the side of at least one car in every career race. You can’t avoid them, even if you block the users that uploaded them.

I never thought about that when plowing through the farmers field at great speed in my pink veron

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Indeed. I get that no one wants us running PEOPLE down, but a little MMmmMmMOOOooOoOooOOO-CRUNCH would be hilarious.

I’m not sure I’d like to hit a cow in my classic Abarth.

There are none, feel free to request them in the features wishlist found here - http://forums.forzamotorsport.net/turn10_postst534_Horizon-2---Wish-List.aspx