Where to start? Horizon blows. :,(

I don’t know how they go so wrong making these games. I thought you were supposed to make them better the next time. Horizon one was excellent. Horizon two was almost a perfect comeback. Then…they took horizon and threw it in the garbage with horizon three. Such a terrible game it makes me sick. Now current horizon four! Makes me feel like I’m playing horizon two again its great. Until I want to race… Stuck on a loosing team almost every time. Even if I win I still loose. Not only that but only being able to race s1 and s2 all the time with the occasional A class makes me not want to play at all. I would like to see motorsport multi-player lobbies for horizon. So I get to vote on each race not a road trip and I could play games like cat and mouse or infected like the good old days. Choose a hopper in the class I want or what ever happened to abcs that was the best game mode ever. I will not be getting another horizon unless I see some much needed improvement in multiplayer. I could go on but I’ll stop there. I feel like people don’t have the same issues with horizon as I do just thought I’d throw this out there. See what yous think. I doubt horizon will change for the better. :frowning:


Im guessing you dont read before posting
They have announced a change in multiplayer coming next week

But hey you can make a generic character do a chicken dance and dress him like an escape mental patient hipster so who cares?


Just got the game recently eh? should have read the forums first before purchase…


What version do you have? Digital or Physical? I can understand if you had a physical disc and taped it to the end of an air hose, but I don’t see how the Digital could blow air?


Thank you for the feedback.

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