Where the heck is Porsche at!?

Okay, I don’t mean to sound impatient but I have been waiting for so long to see Porsches in the game.

It’s actually retarded how frustrated I am about it. The game has already lost all of its momentum for me, I really just am too bored to play the game. I have been anxiously waiting for Porsche for literal months along with a ton of other players.

If the next expansion is not massively exciting or doesnt do something to re-light the fire I just don’t think I will play through it. I don’t even get back on to check out the new car packs anymore. What happened…

#FreeMyNeighborPorsche #Porschegate


There haven’t been any recent announcements. Check back on Friday with the Week in Review to see if there are any updates.

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Wow, soneone is looking forward to a potential Porsche expansion. Awesome.


I think there’s only about 15 people who are looking forward to a Porsche “expansion”.


Make that 16.


Make that 17 :smiley:
cant wait porsche such nice cars!

Ehh why the heck not make that 18 even tho there are tons of people that want porsche but arent on this forum.

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There are more than you think (I’m also waiting Porsches since last September when FH3 was released). Only a small percentage of Forza players are in this forum and the voice of those other players are hardly ever heard.

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I’m part of the camp that feels,

If it comes, cool. If it doesn’t, cool.

Sure I prefer Porsche over ruf (controversial feeling I know, oh well) but, i am not super bothered by Porsche not being in the game.


It’s a little thing called sarcasm. You may have heard of it before? Granted, I’m not too sure you have.

In fairness though, I may have exaggerated a bit there. I’m willing to raise my estimate to 30 people :wink:

In all seriousness, my comment stems from seeing the Porsche “expansion” be little more than a glorified car pack twice. The only time i thought it to be worth the money was in Forza 6. Paying for the same thing 4 times now is a little silly.

I won’t repeat the thing about sarcasm to you because that’s dumb

Edit: I’m not sure if you’ve heard of sarcasm either smart guy

I think

And I’m only guessing

He might just be being sarcastic.

EDIT: Alternatively, it may also be that you’re being sarcastic. To be honest, I’ve spent far too long staring at books and my computer today, and frankly my mind is frazzled. Just ignore me, I’ll go sit in the corner somewhere :slight_smile:


*Porsche Pack

…with a few new bucket lists.


Yes exciting times, we get to pay extra for basically the same set of porsches for the 4th time AND when it comes out we can read all the complaints how they all have the wrong sounds.


Don’t forget that it’s not a proper expansion, and is little more than a glorified car pack.


Tbh no one knows what it will be exactly. Odds are its just a double car pack but its possible that when the info was leaked, the reaction from the forums didnt seem too great so they may have adjusted their original plans. I will say though if it is just a car pack i dont think too many people will get duped into buying the expansion pass again.


It’s kinda like rote fugue this Porsche Expansion pack. We have it in FH2, it’s there in FM6, and will soon be here in this game, with the same presentation of calling it an expansion of cars and activities, so yea, it’s all too trite, hackneyed! Just more of the same, IMO. I’m more looking forward to advent of the Sesto Elemento than the Porsche expansion pack. And shouldn’t it have been announced by now!!

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Regardless of what it is called and what extras it includes, I am very much looking forward to the addition of the Porsches to this game.


As am I.

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