Where is the Ultimate Edition Content

I purchased the Ultimate edition & when I start the game it tells me I can get my Bond car packs, drift car packs etc from Autoshow but when I go to that section in the menu it’s greyed out & locked. So is every other section except paint. Plus there are no VIP rewards or anything extra that should be there for that matter. I can’t unlock or open anything in this stupid game.
I have been trying for ages to get this stuff that I am entitled to receive. No doubt there will be a catch, & I will be told that I have to complete some dodgy series before I’m entitled to get what I paid for.
If that is the case why don’t you mention that in the sales pitch for the Ultimate edition?

Plus, on top of all the above problems when I went to Forza hub it said I had rewards waiting but when I clicked on the Forza 4 rewards it closed and the rewards vanished, then the game restarted. The rewards did not go to my profile in the game either.
What a waste of money paying for the Ultimate edition to get these extras and you don’t even get them. Might as well have purchased the cheap version,In my opinion I would have been better off.

You need to unlock the autoshow which is after you have progressed to the autumn season.