Where is the planes shop in this game?

Where is the planes shop in FH4? Or a shop for any flying thing, like a jetpack for the character?

Speaking of inaccessible things, can the person who placed these boards tell me how am I supposed to get this board, when there’s an invisible wall 5 meters before that board and preventing me from gettin’ it?

i . imgur . com /6VgGdfc.png

Check from the other side. There’s a way to get up there.

Oh, pics were slow to load, for the one on the church, you need to progress further in the game if there’s no ramp yet.

I checked around the church and the truck several times, no ways to get to either board. That’s why I’m asking where the planes shop is. I spent 40 minutes driving around the stupid church in searching for a way to get up there and found nothing.
There’s one jump near the truck but I must be a computer to calculate the speed and angle needed to land right on top of that truck. The last time I checked I was an organic human, not a Cylon, so I can’t calculate that.

How long have you been playing FH4? There should be PR stunts to get to them

There are but nowhere near that church.

Then as I said, you need to progress further.

Yep, do more Danger Signs. Danger Sign Level 7 unlocks the ramp by the church.

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To be fair the Quartz Regalia IS supposed to have VTOL and be able to fly… :smile:

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