Where is the new Porsche 911 (992)

Hello guys!

Has anyone else seen that in the “car collection” there is a TVR Speed ​​12?

But it is inaccessible for now.

What about yesterday’s launch of the Barret-Jackson car pack?

I believe many have been disappointed she misses the new Porsche 911 (992).

Even with this Porsche on the cover of Forza Monthly, was not it even made available?

Hey Turn10, we want the Porsche 911 (992) on FM7!

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Speed 12 is a reward for the January rivals event. Barrett-Jackson pack launches, today not yesterday.

Porsche is coming to FH4.


Yes the new 911 992 is coming to FH4. FM7 won’t be getting it as far as I’m aware. They usually only give new cars to the most current game. FH4 also got the new Corvette ZR1 which FM7 did not get. Wish they’d bring these new cars to FM7 as well. I don’t play FH so I’ll have to wait until FM8 comes out. I think the zfzm community deserves to get these new cars after all the problems with FM7 since launch.

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I wrote a defense of the Barrett-Jackson Pack in other threads but I’m not very happy to see Horizon hogging all the street cars…

It must be said, though, that this month’s cars in FH4 are slightly overrated:

  1. 992 is the star and as such it’s a disappointment not to see it in FM7 (as was when the 2018 Mustang didn’t make it to the game).
  2. 968 Turbo S is the 944 Turbo S but from the 968 generation. Not even a Clubsport. Good car but not Car Pass-worthy IMO.
  3. Hillman Imp, Kadett A and Mercedes SSK are not the sort of cars the Forza Motorsport community would desire at the moment (though I’d love the Mercedes).
  4. Ford Transit would be Forza Specials fodder for sure.
  5. Mustang Fastback is desirable, yes, but we did get a '70 Cuda in FM7, which is equally as desirable despite being a convertible (the Fastback isn’t a Shelby either, which is long overdue).

Then the Mitsubishis we already have in the game, so…

Cars that should have made it to FM7 first are definitely the Mosler MT900S and the DS 3 Racing. Considering they aren’t even DLC in FH4, not much is preventing Turn 10 from grabbing them and putting them in FM7, where there are divisions that would happily accept them.

In terms of content, last month’s Car Pass cars from FH4 were generally better as introductions to FM7 than the current. Corvette ZR1, Lamborghini Jarama and Ferrari GTC4 Lusso all have a place in the game.

Hello guys!

Not to be boring, but as a fan and consumer of FM7 I think I have the right to know the reasons that lead to Turn10 not to make FM7 cars available in FH4, like the new Porsche 911 (992), Corvette ZR1, for example.

There is no official Turn10 word about this.

I think we have that right, do not we?


They licensed the cars for FH4 and not FM7. I’m sorry, but no we do not need to nor have a right to know every little thing about T10 works. It’s a business, they are not going to tell their consumers everything about their inner workings.