Where is the NEW FM7 Online penalty Adjudication system T10 promised?

Turn 10 stated in several interviews prelaunch of FM7 that they were implementing an online penalty adjudication system to improve racing educate, but there is no evidence of it, Online races are bad as ever with no time penalty for bad drivers. Does anyone know when T10 is planning to implement the system or if they are doing anything for online penalty system? Because Leagues is soon to come, but Hoppers are already trash. I’m glad I only got A three month XBOX Live GOLD account. I will not renew to race with A bunch of idiots, nor will I buy another iteration of Forza Motorsport without a penalty adjudication system.


T10’s reply:



It’s on the list of features that had to be cut to get the software out the door on time.

I’d bet that if you could talk to any of the developers or project leads they’d probably tell you that Forza 7 wasn’t finished when they released it. It’s not really possible for us to know if the reason was that they were pushed too hard by the publisher and lacked the necessary resources for such an ambitious project, if they encountered some setbacks in development they couldn’t plan for, or if they over promised. I’d guess it’s a combination of all three.

I think we’re going to see similar issues with other titles as development studios struggle with optimizing their software for multiple generations of console architecture, multiple console brands (XBox, PS, Nintendo), and then making the same game also work on the endless combinations of PC hardware.

I really feel for the coders and team leads. I can’t imagine the frustration.


Do you really have any factual basis for any of this? Or are you just talking out of your ,


the myriad of technical issues and locked features isn’t evidence enough? what game are you playing


Just read what I highlighted. The poster makes a bunch of claims that he has absolutely NO WAY of knowing and if he wants to spout such crap all I am saying is supply the source or admit he is talking out of his butt, of which there is way too much of around here.

As to the game itself, and this will just be my experience, but after 9 days of playing on PC, I have had O crashes running the game in 4k at 60fps. Is the game perfect? Hardly, it is mostly too dark in a lot of places and the AI is the PITS. I don’t play Motorsports online so I cannot comment to that. But still, I am at Level 126, garage tier 15 and I am having a blast IN SPITE of my complaints.




Your a very unpleasant person. The op has made educated assumptions if you can’t tell that u need to stop using a forum. Now your going on block


not everything is gonna be explicitly written out for you. there’s plenty of things happening behind the scenes that will never be publicly discussed, but we can still make an educated hypothesis based on the facts

fact 1: the game is very buggy and unstable from a technical standpoint on PC. painting, tuning, and sometimes even browsing cars leads to memory leaks. races will randomly freeze. even alt-tabbing is enough to instantly crash the game.

fact 2: certain features are disabled entirely like the auction house

fact 3: revised VIP status was a debacle and they u-turned on the issue less than a week later

given these facts it’s not unreasonable to conclude that the game was undercooked and needed more testing and polish

so now the question is why was it pushed out in this unfinished state? personally i think microsoft meant for forza 7 to serve as a tech showcase for the new xbox console, and was scheduled for simultaneous release. as such it would’ve come out a month from now which, not coincidentally, is basically the standard duration of final product testing in the game industry. however, with the launch of both pcars 2 and gt sport nearly a month earlier, microsoft/t10 felt that the game would be outclassed and lose too much market momentum. they made a judgement call and decided to release as-is instead of waiting


You know that there is no difference between educated guesses and talking out of your butt. You have NO IDEA about any of that you stated as fact. That is all I am saying. You may be right but that is not the point.

And Tyskie, ask me if I give a damn? I am tired of reading all your whining anyway.


Although you are only guessing I have a feeling it is quite an accurate quess. I would say Pcars2 release wasnt also a week earlier than Forza totally by accident. It is even more of a buggy mess on Xbox than Forza, sadly.

Luckily there is still great amount of fun to be had, especially on the single player, while they do their best to fix the bugs and add features. I would not say the hope is lost. It is still a great game despite of lacked features and plethora of bugs.


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While in the lobby click on the offending driver and under the vote to kick option there is another option to report behaviour
This is as well as the report to xbox live as well

Mechberg was showing it in his stream on Friday

Step 1 is this:

According to Brian Ekberg, reports help Turn 10 to build a profile on every player, and if a player is significantly reported for foul play they will step in.

As for complimenting a great driver, I don’t know what Turn 10’s plans are. Maybe it’ll influence matchmaking.

More info will likely be made available when Leagues launch.


It may be that it will just be in the leagues, I’m a little concerned that there are no penalty settings when making a private lobby. You figure the penalty option would be in the race setup but nothing there for that.

report for dirty driving ? i can see so many cry babies using the cheat and dirt driving for no reason beside raging.

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“Can we get a penalty system for multiplayer ?”
Turn10:“Buy our game first”
“So do we have penalty system now ?”


Forza Motorsport has released on a 2-year cycle since 2005, it is a myth that it has released ‘early’ this time. 2 years has always been enough for the game to be substantially finished and working properly until now. Xbox One X is not an excuse because it’s the exact same game code and architecture as Xbox One, it just has more horsepower.

My only concern with this feature is it being abused by bad losers. I recall many times in Forza 3&4 when you would simply be kicked out of a lobby for doing nothing other than winning the races. If this feature isn’t abused then great however I often get smashed off the track for simply just passing people cleanly. I can see many being reported for cheating simply because they are posting laptimes 10secs quicker, which can happen!


Nearly 3 months after release and the penalty system has not been implemented. Online lobbies are terrible right now with racers cutting corners and intentionally wrecking others… You can vote a player out of a lobby now, which is NOT a deterrent. That player can just move to another lobby. Bill Giese, the creative director for FM7 said there would be an adjudication “penalty” system, as referenced by the the following article. AR12 Gaming


Yes seems to be all lies.

Dirty Mark in Rivals, is already for years, but some tracks have parts you can still cut without getting dirty. Like Corkscrew on Laguna Seca and top of Eu Rouge on Spa.

Penalty Time with Online Racing is not there. False statement from T10. I find that unacceptable. Guess only to don’t lose a big eSport group like AR12.