Where is the DLC for correction of cardboard characters and replace with 3D characters?

And then Turn 10, will leave a patch to fix the 3d characters on track? What a horrible looking stands and see a lot of cardboard …

Definatly not a priority for me, personally. How often do you look at the stands? I stopped to look once and never again, too busy racing.

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If you’re playing the game properly, the spectators should just be a blur of colours anyway.


Really? You’re complaining about that?

Not sure about you, but I’m paying more attention to the road and cars in front of me than pedestrians at track side

In the words of my father, I give you the best driving advice I ever received, “Watch the road. Look far ahead.”

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Sounds like a one-liner the Chairman would say on Iron Chef America. xD

The advice my driving instructor gave me has served me very well in the last 23 years: “Assume everyone else in a car is stupid”

Works in Forza too …



Yeah,thats what i’m watching when i race,the crowd,not. Might be what the drivatars are watching though,would explain their bad driving,lol.