Where is Tag Virus S CLASS?

I was looking forward to driving the R35 GTR as well as many other cars that I can only use on S-class tag. This sucks just having A class. Hopefull you guys will put it in when it is available to all. :frowning:

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Just remember it’s early release. Many more multiplayer events will be added.

I hope you are right. I just can’t believe they would hold back events that already existed in previous versions.


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Yea I agree. There’s a whole TAG/VIRUS community going back to FM3 that were disappointed when FM5 came out and there was only one track and with the map all messed up. I played one round and that was it. And the rest of the game didn’t exactly make up for it… So people complained, and now its just as bad or even worse… clap clap… Tag was one of the most fun things for me in FM3 and FM4. Outplaying your opponents to get away or working together to catch the remaining players on different tracks in different cars. It’s not like they had to make the game any bigger or different. Just add different classes and tracks for TAG mode. And as far as i know you’re not able to search and join custom lobbies either, which would sort of fix the problem. Forza 6 looks fantastic and and the physics feels good and all from the demo, but if im buying it i’ll buy the Ultimate edition and all the stuff. But im not. At least not until i see some improvements. Im not paying that much for a game that is missing half of the fun for me… If the TAG thing gets fixed or you can enter custom lobbies I’m in, but i doubt there will be any change…


i have the same problem, the only way to fix is to go back to horizon 2 or fm3 or 4 but thats not happening

R35 GTR can be downgraded to A class by converting it to rwd. I did it 2 weeks ago