Where has the sun gone?

I was seeing so much rain early on in career mode, I thought I might need to see if there was an arc available as dlc, or from the specialty dealer.
Initially, I didn’t care much for the rain or the night racing. But it really has added a little depth to the game and challenged me to become better.

At least when it’s not sunny the absurd windscreen reflections are toned down a bit. So, every cloud…

sorry if im posting this in the wrong thread… i friend of mine asked this question the other day and i had no clue;

does using hdr10 solve some of the lighting issues in the game? for instance, brake lights looking very bright and glowy, headlights looking dim by comparison, detail missing or ‘crushed’ due to low contrast, unusually dim conditions during night driving etc.

i don’t own the game yet, was planning on buying but i don’t know. anyhow, help appreciated.

I was wondering if it was a lack of HDR as well, but I don’t think so because it’s always overcast or foggy which makes everything very dim and dingy. Weather related I suspect. If I quit and restart a bunch of times eventually I’ll get a race bright enough that there isn’t such a dark look but it’s a bit annoying. The bad lighting and gloom has put me off of playing a lot.

Not being able to set the weather to sunny has completely ruined the game for me. My room is pretty bright, and with the dull weather in the game, I can’t see anything! I always and only choose the sunny options. I love seeing the sun shining on the tarmac and reflecting off my car. But the grey, flat, lifeless, dull crappy day is just depressing. It’s also incredibly frustrating as you can’t see anything at all unless you use blackout blinds in your house (which I don’t have, my apartment is very bright at all times of day).

They have gone to the trouble of creating beautiful bright sunny tracks, but not bothered to give us the option to select them. This is such crap customer service. Just assuming what is best for us and forcing us to play the game your way, without even taking into consideration things like our preferences, or our environment. Dark games are very hard to see in bright rooms.

Prague track in sunny conditions is my favorite racing experience on any game ever. But with dull grey overcast cloudy conditions, it is completely unplayable in my home. From my favorite gaming experience to something that just annoys me and is unplayable, because the devs decided that they know what we want better than we do.

Not happy.