Where Did The Barns Go

What gives I completed as per usual all the achievements in the Barnstormer forzathon and still no barn find rumours anybody else had the same problem.

It’s been a week or something since that forzathon expired, any help now might be useless. Try listening to the radio, the host give tip offs about them and it might trigger the rumor, if there’s still is one. Do you already have the barn finds? Because if you do, you don’t get them again.

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If you got the barn finds the first time they were in forzathons over 12 months ago you wouldnt have got them again
They were only for those that missed them the first time around

Cheers guy’n’gals they did not make that at all clear I was thinking brand new barn finds for me to find would still have done the forzathon anyway to keep my 100% forzathon record going in both Horizon 3 and Forza 7.

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