Where can i see all my tunings?

Hello there,

i want to see all my tunings that i made. now i need to select a specific car and go to “my tunings” to see the tunings that i made for that specific car. But i want to See all my tunings for all cars. In the paint section it is possible to the own creations for every car.

Is there a way to see all selfmade tunings for every car?

Thanks in advance.

The only way you can see your tunes is getting in the car and going to My Tuning to find just the tunes for that car. Kind of like leaderboards…where you need to be in the correct car at the correct track in Freeplay to see one single leaderboard…messed up.

The leaderboards are in the Rivals section of the game.

Arn’t those leaderboards just for times made for each Rival race?

Nope. There are some special type rivals, but the majority of rivals are the class based leaderboards where you can set the time there or in a race.

Once in rivals scroll past the event type rivals leaderboards and you’ll find all the class based leaderboards.

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It’s a terrible set up how it is. Extremely frustrating.

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The only way to see a tune is to be in the car you want to see a tune for then

(1) click on the menu icon labeled “My Tunes”
(2) click on the menu icon labeled “Tune”, then press view, load tunes.
(3) click on the menu icon labeled “Upgrades” then press ‘X’, then press view, load tunes.
(4) From pit lane go over to the tab labeled “Tune” then press view, load tunes.

Unless I miss my guess, Warload wanted to know if people were using his shared tunes, and if so, which ones. Maybe I didn’t understand all your points, but I checked and I couldn’t find anywhere that sped up the process. I don’t bother to check my shared tunes because it takes too much time. Please tell me if I missed something, because I would like to know.

All you have to do is go into your storefro…oh, oh wait.

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Thanks Swerve! Very cool.

My excuse is…I’ve had the game for less than 2 weeks and I’ve been busy with career.