Where Are These 3 PO Cars From??

Anyone one have any info on these cars??

2017 Ford Focus RS Preorder Car
2017 Mercedes-AMG GT R Preorder Car
2017 Nissan GT-R Preorder Car

Any info or proof anyone has any would be great can’t find anything anywhere about them… Thank you everyone

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Not sure this is the correct forum but they are def in the game, I had a race against the GTR PO driven by an NPC, would be nice to know where to get them

I would also love to know where it’s from as well I could only guess toys r us and possibly overseas locations

Wellthen we wont get the toys r us one… That sucks. and yes hoping someone can confirm where they actually from?

I actually have all 3 of those cars but they are never for sale so I don’t Kno the value of them at all

Guys you could have got them back when forza hit its 1st birthday. They should be in your message centre.