Where are the cars from Tesla ?

I wanted to know if we will have Tesla cars in this game. What do you guys think?

There are enough fat pigs that have no business being on a race track in this game already, but that’s just my opinion.


I do not agree with that. Cause for example here in NL at Zandvoort or Assen TT you have trackdays where you can go on the racetrack with your own car. In the hope people don’t go racing on the streets. An old airfield, who I beleave is not anymore in use as airfield helds sometimes drag events. All to try that people go race there instead of on public roads.

We had one in previous games, but they’re sadly absent in this one and at this point I wouldn’t expect any to show up.

Yeah we had in total 4 different Tesla’s (Roadster Sports, Model S, Model S P85D and Model S P90D Ludacris Edition) spread over 4 Forza’s (FM4, FM6, FH2 and FH3).

Don’t knows Tesla’s view, on if they want their cars in racing games or not (seems nowdays not). Maybe because some issues with their real cars, they didn’t like crashed cars ingame? But you miss out on publicity in my opinion, if you don’t have your cars in a racing game. Porsche understanded that and have changed things around, so more games have their cars again.

Tesla is yet to complete a lap at Nürburgring without overheating. Definitely not a track car.

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The Tesla roadster looks interesting, purely for it’s acceleration.

No thank’s. Overpriced electric mobility chairs I can live without, however, if Turn 10 includes them🛵

Overpriced electric mobility chairs that beat most cars 0-60.

This was written in response to a similar question and applies just the same: