Where are the best places to recruite new Team Members?

So, I’m currently searching for new Players / Drivers to join Boostilia Motorsport (BMS). My question is: where are the best places to recruite new Members?

If you have low standards/just want to increase your numbers and aren’t expecting them to pay to change their gamertag, spamming forums and sending messages to people in public hoppers will likely get some people.

If you have higher standards, try joining up with some of the organized leagues and looking for people in those that aren’t yet on a team.

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What’s your parameters?

For example:

-What timezone are you in and what time do you expect to be playing as a team at?
-Are you looking for circuit racers, drag racers or drifters?
-What classes (if any) are you planning to focus on?
-How serious are you wanting to take things?

These are just some of the questions that I* (personally) would want answers to before I* joined a racing team.

*I’m aware that you’re not inviting me - I’m just using myself as an example here.

If you’ve got answers to these questions then throw a post up on these forums and you may get some responses. You could even post details for a team tryout if you fancy. Alternatively there’s the Racers’ Lounge which might yield some results. Other options include an LFG post on Xbox Groups via the Game Hub.

My timezone is PST (Pacific Standard Time). I expect to be playing as a team every Friday @ 2:00 - 3:00 PM (PST)

I’m looking for circuit racers.

I’m not planning on focusing solely on one class. We’ll be playing in all classes. One day it could be C class. Another day it could be A class.

I’m taking things very seriously.

Anyway, thank you for the response and everyone else who responded. I’ll probably make a post in the Racers Lounge later. However, I still have lots of stuff to sort out in the team; so that’s not going to happen for a little while longer.

Just play in the classes you love and have conversations with random people. Teams on Forza are mostly based on friendship or esports. There isn’t much else outside of organized leagues of which many of those are in European time zones which makes it difficult to participate. It’s a tough sell at first. GL.

2-3pm PST is a tough sell for West coast to possibly central time zones. East coast may work. In addition you would be limited to only college age kids who are by chance out of school and those who work shift work and by chance are off. I found most of the US class based racers that are loyal to their preferred classes play just before dinner time up until about 11pm central. Some are a little vulgar and others rage in epic fashion after 1 too many beers. Lmao


Well I’m happy to announce that I managed to get a new member.

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I wouldn’t use “looking for group”. it’s cancer full of gamer girl spam and pedos