Where are people racing online in Forza 6?

I’m back playing Forza 6 after having quite a long break from it. Whenever I try to play online, most of the lobbies are completely unpopulated.
Where is everyone playing, and which lobbies are the most popular?

(Yes I know I’m going to get replies telling me “everyone is playing on FM7”, so I’m getting it in before them)

Also, if anyone is still playing FM6 online and wants to add me for some racing, my GT is Apexwolf5. I’m **** slow, but I’m a clean racer. Thanks.

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You answered it yourself, FM7 is the reason most people don’t play FM6 anymore.
You can try the Racers Lounge, but after the release of FM7 there haven’t been many new posts there either:

Had some good racing in a class today, in FM6 and FM5.

Before it would attempt matchmaking for me but now it clearly says multi player is down. Is it dead so fast? Do they want us to buy every year like fifa? Maybe that’s why.

Added you Apexwolf5. My GT “Shumayal”. All forza 6 players, who still play it, add me!

I just recently got Forza 6 again after being really disapointed in Forza 7 and I can’t seem to find a single online lobby. I’ve tried joining every lobby type but I always get some message saying a session couldn’t be found (or something like that). The only lobby I was able to find was an Introductory C Class lobby with 1 other player who was just using the RX-7 you can start the game with. First race was 4 laps of Road America short and I chose my Firebird Ram Air, which resulted in him leaving when I started pulling away from him.

I find it very hard to believe absolutely no one is playing Forza 6 online when I could easily find lobbies on Forza 5 just a few months ago and Forza 6 is, IMHO, a far better game than Forza 7.

I’m also trying to find people. It was down some days ago, but most lobbies today have 3 to 6 people maximum.

It’s so complicated compared to Forza 5.

Where people race on this? The no-colision? The Endurance? The “letter” lobbies?


I’m on Forza 6 often and find lobbies with 9+ other players in it. I race A-class and am on often … add my GT if you like and feel free to hit “join game” whenever you see me on. This should get you into a decent sized lobby, I’m dealing with a messaging ban until Monday at the moment so will be unable to respond if you message me.

im having the same issue. I have been playing the nascar expansion and was looking to get a few of the hopper achievements and couldn’t find matches or nething after about ten minutes I just went back to Nascar career

Same boat here. I’m trying to get more serious about racing, trying to get cleaner, but nobody seems to be on FM6 anymore. That being said, I’m actually pretty new to online multiplayer. I’m much more of a single player driver. I’ve tried the Leagues, but not many people are on when I am (usually early evening time), matchmaking always fails. I’m in the LA area, so PST. If people are wanting to get together and play, I’d be on board for that. Anyone here can feel free to add my gamertag and hit me up. Maybe we can bring some love back to FM6.

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Is there anyone still playing FM6? I skipped it when it came out, so I played 7 first. I downloaded 6 as it was free just to check it out, and except for a few things (HDR, career races length) I’d say it’s a better game than 7. I hopped on the multiplayer back in august and the lobbies were populated. It was sooo much easier to win races compared to 7, so I guess there were just newbies who got the game because it was free.
So, is there anyone still playing it? what about the multiplayer?

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I try to go online at least once a day…P class…I think I’ve seen you in there.

I’ve been in the P class lobby a few times so it could be you saw me there. I’m mostly in the P class or the GT endurance lobbies.

Yes, I go onto to forza 6 a bit nowadays and every times I’ve played there has always been quite a bit of people in A-class. Not sure about the other classes/hoppers though.

A class, or maybe S class me.

Hey if you still have a lobby I’d love to get in on it. I got a FM6 last night and couldnt find a real human to race after the intro stuff was complete…

NVM, I found lobbies yesterday with plenty of people.

Man, people do not know how to drive! (present company included…)

Yes, sometimes though, the racing is pretty good.

Best thing to do if the lobby is full of garbage racers is to either try and get through them asap or hang back enough to give yourself some open space to get a clean or quick lap. Doing this will place you in higher starting position for the next race.