Where are my Ultimate bonuses?

Purchased Ultimate version of Forza 7. Entered code on included card, which indicated it was accepted, to no avail. No cars, credits or VIP pass. Tried re-entering code and got “Code Already Used” message. Forty bucks and 50 extra miles driven for nothing. Happened same day as the Game Screen-Home Screen loop. XBox One S.

Have you opened any Reward Crates yet?

Because I bought the Ultimate Edition digitally, and all the VIP rewards and other rewards were in the Reward Crates.


Opened all the crates I got. Nothing of significance. Mostly minor mods and driver suits.

Check in the car collection area. Any cars you receive should be in there. They will be marked FREE.

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Thanks guys, I’ll do that. Wasn’t there supposed to be a credit bonus as well? Haven’t seen that yet either.

No credits bonus, those come from the mods cards you got in your crates.

Also, the cars in the crates go into your garage, check there.

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