Where are my photos

The title says it all, I have “shared” them but I don’t know where they’re shared to. I went to Community and then Gallery at the top of the site but nothing is showing there.

The location you mention is correct…
But now you mention it I have looked there to view if my photo’s are gone, I have had shared around 20 photo’s there but they are now all gone!

Anyone else photo’s missing?

Pause the game, tab to Creative Hub… Photo Gallery is in the bottom left, inbetween Followed Players and Forza Hub

Hi guys,

Anyone else having troubles…yet again with there gallery not loading stuff?

I’ve tried logging out and logging back in. Second time this week this has happened, all i get is a “No Uploaded Content Found” message. I’ve tones of Content

I still see no uploaded content

Just wanted to update people as this is still an issue for me, they do not show in Forza Hub neither.