Where are B,C,D Races in Multiplayer?

where are the other classes in mulitplayer? lack classes is a bit boring ?

i like the slower races less carnage


Some of the most fun I had in Horizon games is low class tag/racing. Hopefully it will make a return


i also hope, all these cars like DB5 or E-Type were great for old car races. but also more recent cars, that are not supercars were cool to race with

They were thankfully removed from multiplayer.

They honestly added nothing to the horizon series as people would just max out their cars with horsepower and literally win every race.

Uhh… you could choose the class you wantes to race in Fh3… What you are saying doesnt make sence.

Sorry, but multiplayer in Fh4 is broken.


Horizon 4 is much more orientated towards handling that Horizon 3 was. It’s still not perfect, but it’s better.

Even if 1 person runs away with a C class race in some OP horsepower muscle car, I’d rather have a good C race with the rest of the pack than play yet another S2 wallriding ramming Lambo noobfest.


I mean, I like S2 because it’s an ez win for me, no one else can drive.

EZ wins are boring after a few though, let’s be honest.


Not really. If everybody maxes out their horsepower then who wins? H3 was bad in this respect because HP was so cheap and handling so expensive. H4 is back to normal. But even in H3 I wasn’t an HP junkie and I absolutely crushed the lower class online championships. The best drivers with the best course knowledge will always win.

But we need D, C, and B represented and for me they are the most fun. I have already spent way too much time in this game and 99% of my play so far has been in D and C class. If S2 was removed it wouldn’t effect my game play at all since I just don’t like it. Others do and that is fine. The beauty of past Horizons was there was something for everyone. But lower classes being shut out of online is just wrong.


…which you could counter by having a car tuned for every level that fit your driving stye. If you can’t be bothered to tune a B or C car in advance, that’s your problem, not the problem of folks who want to have solid cars on hand for every situation.


I did, which is how I won every single race. If you tuned for handling, you would lose.

In fh3 yes because pi system in fh3 was so broken. in fh4 yeah you still win with high power tune but only reason for that is because wallriding is fastest way around track. If wallriding and ramming wouldnt be so op then you could easily win with handling tune.

So you think that your tunes are best no matter what situation?

There are quite a few tracks in fh4 that I’m believe a B class car would likely already have sufficient power to overdrive, and would benefit from handling improvements. I’d love to test the idea online, but alas adventure mode doesn’t include B class.

Also, do we actually have confirmation from playground that they’re adding lower classes and/or voting to the adventure mode in january? All I remember seeing for sure was adding solo adventure

One more vote here for lower class racing lobbies, generally a better class of racer in these events.


I’m a fan of the lower class races as well, I do encounter A a lot which is great too. 2 of the Autumn events had B and C, they came up a few times and those had matchmaking…they were restricted to Buggies(B) and Class Rally(C) if I remember correctly. Have not checked out all the Winter ones yet. I think I got a lower class through team adventure too but it didn’t happen often. Route creator is coming soon and you can still start a lower class race if you do a convoy and everyone agrees to take the same class during an event, I think it works fine like that. Anyways, I do hope they add more in that regard. I like A-S1 a lot as well, but I really enjoy the lower classes too even D.

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If everyone starts a convey and agrees. That’s a joke of PVP set up and not even worth mentioning the way it is now. Stahp.

I think ranked races should include all classes (random rotation), have the cars available to everyone to choose from and all be unmodified/untuned. You have Forza Motorsports to do all that.

That way everyone is on an equal playing field. I’ve never taken Forza Horizon online serious enough because of this.

Also the amount of times I’ve been taken out or pushed out the away from the checkpoints so I’ve missed it, is ridiculous. People just ram into you, even your own team mates. You would think you’re at a destruction derby or something.

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Would love to see some lower class races.

Such a waste not using them.


Bring back Lower class races in Team Adventure!
Bring back E and F PI classes!


Honestly they need to bring back lower class racing and selected class racing that means people can race at thier favorite class what ever it might be. I personally hate s2 and prefer A class or B and would love to be able to choose! I finnished the entire game with 3 stars on all and 30 on all the story modes within the first week all I had to wait for were a few extra races and a few barn finds! Fh3 took me ages to max out and then multiplayer kept me playing for years! Now I bought the ultimate edition FH4 and i have lost interest 2 weeks ago due to the crappy online play! I really hope someone is listening to our whining and they consider a multiplayer overhaul. DEVS WE BEG YOU FIX OUR GAME!!!