When's this game going to be fixed?

Just wondering when will we get a update fixing the drivatars in career mod. And a the multiplayer issue of.not being able to get online. And importing tunes etc across from fm5 the game crashes everytime I have purchased this game from early access and it’s not improved once since. Just very frustrating as multiplayer and career mod are both unplayable. Update would be great or and info . Cheers

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No way of knowing, but FM5 often got patches & updates alongside the car packs. These came out the 1st Tuesday of every month.

I’d expect they’ll try to pin down the runaway drivatar thing first, it’s really messing up some folks’ enjoyment of this game by all accounts.

I hope so it’s a big issue, it would be like COD coming out and it being locked on one shot instadeath. It hasn’t bothered me that much as I can still beat them usually but the rain doesn’t effect them which is frustrating, also seeing a TVR cornering like an F1 car in the wet with no aero fitted kind of kills the realism.

I was thinking that was hoping they would be bringing a update before then game is pretty ruined on my end

A friend of mine who has played FM for a number of years is having the multiplayer issue. He pretty much wants his money back and i cant say i blame him. Personally i am very,very disappointed with the livery editor. So many issues.

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Look at the FM6 Issues Thread before making another one
Its already confirmed that T10 are looking into the issues and are trying to resolve asap

Thanks Satan, it’s lucky for the poor hard working mod’s that you’re here to do their job for them, it’s people like you that make this place so fun.


They’ll fix it when ever they feel like it which won’t be for a long time. Keep your hopes up, maybe sometime around xmas or new years.


That’s not good enough, I payed £82 for a working game, not a broken one that full of problems, so this game is not fit for purpose, think they move quicker to fix these problems if everyone starts to ask for a refund, I won’t pre order Forza again, I’ll rent it next time save my money. £82 is a lot of money for some folk it a choice either put food on table/bills or play Forza. It’s a different story if you still living with your parent’s you can afford to waste money.

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Stop saying it’s unplayable. You sound ridiculous.


Agreed. …to say the game is unplayable is laughable.


Well If u can’t get on multiplayer then it’s unplayable. Or am Iwrong u mong

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Lots of drama queens out again then.