When you gift a car does it reset the perks?

I have received two gift cars so far and both of them had completely empty perk mastery boards. I was wondering if those get reset when you give them to other people. Because I don’t understand why somebody would not spend a single point to get the XP bonus in the first spot before gifting.

Could just be duplicate cars gifted out and people genuinely not bothering. People may not also want to spend a bunch of skill points on a car they’re just going to dump anyway. (Granted, yes, the XP boost is only one point)

For my gift car I’ve sent out yesterday and all the cars I sold in the AH in FH4, I can tell you the number of skill points I’ve invested in those cars is no higher than zero.

Edit - it does seem like skill points and skills get reset upon gifting.

Cool thanks for the update