When you get bored with FH5's radio

Since the music selection in FH5 is not getting updated, I figured, I’ll make a playlist with my fav music to drive to mixed with some of my fav tracks from previous titles as well as other games. Mostly electronic music, pop, some nice dynamic tunes. Think Bass Arena x Pulse radio stations extension, to give you an idea of what to expect.

Here’s a link to the Spotify playlist: Spotify

I’m gonna update it from time to time with some fresh tracks.


Never heard of most of these artists.


Yeah I get that quite often, being a music nerd

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I open Spotify too but open a playlist with about 400 songs I like on it instead.
Once the skill song’s been played, I scroll to either Eternal, Bass Arena or Hospital.
The other stations songs tend be shorter,(sub 4 mins) so I swerve Pulse,XS & Block.

I’d love to get bored of Forza radio stations. Unfortunately I have not been able to change radio stations since launch, like many others. My radi is stick on ‘off’, so I have nothing.

Thanks, playground games! Thanks for closing my ticket and marking it as solved. Thanks fir fixing all those exploits for ingame currency the day after you discover them, all while thousands of players have no access to content they paid for. Thanks, truly.

(yes I’m mad, yes I’m salty)


Marking it as solved is just a marking that they have received what your problem is and they dont need any additional communication on that specific ticket.
It doesn’t mean that the problem is solved of that they dont care.

So its just a “Ticket received, logged, and handed to the right team.”


Then this playlist is for you! The official soundtrack is kinda meh anyway…

In all seriousness though, I sincerely hope your problems will be resolved soon!

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Use this one on shuffle, Spotify

I was mucking about with a Project Gotham Racing 4 spotify playlist in the background the other day. The nostalgia was real


I never get board with the radio since I turned the volume down to zero from day 1, lol


I only listen to hard core heavy metal bands like Nickelback


I never race with the radio on. Don’t need to with this already playing in my head. :smile::crazy_face:


Holy necroed thread batman! I will say though, the other day I was doing b class street races in sports cars from the 80s and 90s for funsy while listening to the Art of Rally soundtrack, and it was sublime.

I don’t ever have the music on either, I don’t want to risk it after suffering through nearly 3 years of FH4’s loading screen music, the worst stuff I have ever heard in nearly 20 years of playing games with licensed soundtracks.

The adverts on Spotify if you don’t have Premium break the immersion for me as well so I don’t bother with it.

Although it’s not the game’s or PG’s fault it isn’t around anymore Groove integration in FH3 was such a great feature.


:rofl: :rofl:

Randomly had it on, but the Need For Speed III: Hot Pursuit soundtracks works really well too haha. “Knossos” and “Flimsy” especially.

I remember the FM2 days I think had custom soundtracks and I would race a lot to that old Alterbridge album “One day Remains” that had Metalingus on it :laughing:


Yeah no thanks. lol. Most of those artists/songs are trash, sorry.

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I remember when I first began playing FH4 I didn’t even realize you could change the radio. I’m not proud of that, but it’s true. My wife asked me one day why I never played and I told her I can’t get into the zone with “Symphony No 40 in G Minor” blasting away, (didn’t realize there was volume adjust either).

It would be great if we could upload our own playlist though. Until then, turning the volume all the way down has helped immensely.

Im sorry, but that is funny, but not funny.

I would love to hear how she reacted to when she knew that you figuerout how to mute the music!

You can turn on “Streamer Mode” that is under,
Audio > At the bottom.

It will remove (well mute is the correct word) all licensed music. You will still have some other more generic ones at the festival.

But turing the in game music down to 0 will do almost the same thing to. Both works.

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I always use to listen to music while racing in FH4. But now my preference in FH5 is to listen to nothing but the car engine. And I must say I quite like it.