When will there be a carpack of new cars?

I’ve been wondering if we still get monthly car packs of new cars every month I put in some requests and hope to see more cars as well as new 80’s and older cars and trucks that haven’t been to forza yet, or some returns from forza motorsport 4

We don’t have anything to announce about future DLC at this time. So far we’ve been adding a new-to-Forza car each week through the Car Pass.

It appear’s to me that they are just going to release cars from FH4 , look at the mustang boss that we have to slog through 4weeks of low reward event’s for and ManteoMax I feel sorry for you having to deal with all of the frustrated players that want more from the game than is being provided , But what can you expect putting this on game pass is going to cause a loss of long term gamers

All the car pass cars, the Celica and the SVJ were not in FH4, I’m sure there are more, but those are all I can think of at the moment, so they certainly aren’t just going to release cars that were in FH4.

The game has only been out a few months, they aren’t going to play all of their cards in that time period.