When things get a little wild on track

First of all, all of you should be coming out to watch the weekly streams over on Twitch hosted by Mechberg, Johniwanna & phREDESIGN.

But this stream got a little wild and Brian tried to see if he could match my skills of typing while racing, though I’m not sure how well he pulled it off. So here it is.

12:58 Forzamotorsport: livinbg on a lightec stage
12:59 Forzamotorsport: ]\fior those who think and feel;
1:00 Forzamotorsport: in touch with some vrealiutry
1:00 Forzamotorsport: beyond the gilded gusage
1:01 Forzamotorsport: livinbg ibn rthe limelightr thew unuiversal
1:02 Forzamotorsport: for tjose who wish to seem
1:02 Forzamotorsport: those who wish to be
1:03 Forzamotorsport: trhopsr who wish to bvew
1:03 Forzamotorsport: muyst put asside
1:03 Forzamotorsport: the aluienaqtruion
1:04 Forzamotorsport: het obn with the ffascination the real relation
1:04 Forzamotorsport: rhe under;lyting theme
1:05 Forzamotorsport: living in a FUISHREYE L;EMNSA
1:06 Forzamotorsport: i hafve no heart to life
1:06 Forzamotorsport: \i can’t pretend this stranger is a laong awaited friend
1:06 Forzamotorsport: BOOM



My favorite song! (Who can name it?)

Slurred Lines by Mechberg

I’m glad I was able to make it to this one. Great entertainment. XD

Rush Limelight

It sounds to me like Limelight by Rush… if you happened to have several mates and alcoholic beverages around.