When should I take a pit stop?

I do all my endurance races on simulation damage, and in most of my races I have to take a stop for fuel way before I would have to stop for tires. But in the Nurburgring 125 with the Honda Civic, my tires are wearing out way faster than my fuel level is going down. Since I never have to put for tires I don’t really know at what tire wear percentage I should pit at. 50%? 75%? Keep going until they’re almost completely worn out?

Just keep going til the game tells you to pit. I thought I needed to lap on the Lemans 250 and it didn’t tell me to do so so I took another lap…rolled into the pits with 1% fuel…I’ve been out on tires at 90% with no issue

I dont have a lot of experience with endurance races, but when i occasionally do drive one i see that i pit rater early. Once your tires are worn you loose quite some time on your laps. Last endurance race i did i pitted first while in 3rd position (round 14 or 15), fell to 18th of 22 but within 3 rounds i was 5th then the other drivers started pitting giving me 2nd place. The leader didnt do a pitstop all race but ended up 3rd after me and the guy who used to be 2nd for most of the race easily overtook him on fresh tires.

TLDR: Make an early Pitstop (just after the half way mark) if you only need one

If I am doing a one stop race based on gas. I usually try and pit at a point that gives me the benefit of the fresh tire for a couple of laps. so I might stop around the 66%-75% mark of the race depending on expected weather and where I am in relation to the leaders. The biggest thing is about watching your laps times(when they start to drop) and/or your distance to the cars behind.

If you are engaging in pit strategy because the game forces you to take one (quick stops) that you otherwise wouldn’t need then there is somewhat of a different strategy than in an endurance race where you have to stop or risk running out of fuel or wearing the tires out completely.

Quick stop strategy is all about grid position. At the back on the end of lap one? Take your pit as early as possible. In the front, take it as late as possible. The goal is to keep traffic in front of you as minimal as possible.

In an endurance race, try to get as far as you can before the first pit because if you pit too early you might have to pit again to finish the race. Tires start progressively losing grip after the gauge shows them in the orange on wear. But they are usable right up to 100% with slightly slower lap times. You can also slow down the decay of your tires by not overheating them and not sliding them through bends. If you are wearing two tires out faster than the other two (considerably faster, the civic is always going to wear the fronts out first) try to relax your driving style a bit and you’ll get a few more laps out of the tires.