When is PG/T10 going to allow user to sell Wheelspin prize cars and Garage Cars?!

It’s about time after so many updates to the H4 game that PG/T10 allow users to sell the Wheelspin prize cars and Garage Cars (preferably for at least minimum buyout price) so users can manage the ‘Limits’ placed on them??

This was an option in previous games but has been removed for reasons I can only assume to purposely irritate users.


Probably never, at least in this iteration. I seem to recall the question coming up before and getting some ridiculous answer about keeping the garbage Auction House worthwhile. I expect they’ll remain firm on it.

No one goes to the auction house for common cheap cars, especially those that you can get in the Autoshow.

I, and I’m sure many other people, have lots of extra cheap common cars from the hundreds and hundreds of wheelspins the game has tossed at us.

There’s no point putting these cheap common cars on the auction house - it’s not worth the time it takes to load the cars to the auction house, considering the cars probably won’t sell, and even if they did, it would be for some ridiculously small amount of money.

So at some point in the game, and this is inevitable for everyone, the wheelspins just get worthless and annoying. Once you have all the clothing items (and is anyone actually excited to have all the clothing items?) and all the cars, the only thing worth getting is cash payouts. Every time you get another cheap car that isn’t worth anything on the auction house, it’s just another thing you have to go manually delete in order to keep your garage from getting full.

It would be SO much better if you could straight up sell/get cash value for duplicates. Because then car rewards would continue to be a pleasant reward in the wheelspins instead of garage filler that you have to deal with like some kind of chore.

PG, don’t you want players to feel happy about things they get in wheelspins? Isn’t that the point? Do you really need to make wheelspins suck half the time? For people who aren’t obsessed with playing dress-up dolly, getting endless clothing items is a bore. Tiny cash payouts at the $2K and $5K level are almost insulting, especially in late game play. Maybe cash payouts should scale according to player level and hours played… to keep them relevant? And finally, duplicate cars that you don’t need and can’t sell and just have to go delete to avoid clutter in the garage are a chore.

Time to revamp wheelspins so that they are more regularly a source of excitement and satisfaction than they are a source of disappointment.


I wouldnt get your hopes up as they seemed more concerned about promoting the new lego Porsche and adding Ken block suits

Horizon 3 never did neither