When is a truck not a truck?

When it’s a Forza Truck boom boom!

Who the heck thought it was a good idea to call a vehicle a ‘truck’ and yet put it in the ‘offroad’ catagory instead of the Truck category?

The logic here is astounding!

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Mercedes #24 FE? Did you start the championship only to discover that you apparently don’t have any trucks?

there is only only 2 trucks in the game :slight_smile:

hehe … to funny!

Personally, I don’t mind that FE vehicles might be in a different category. The name is immaterial. Mustangs aren’t categorized as horses. Less ridiculously, I believe there are some cars with GT in the name that aren’t GT Cars.

Its stupid. PPGs decided that because the FE version is so easy to get, its not considered a truck,so you have to work to get another truck instead. Something like that. Or just pure lazyness like they do with everything else, MANY FE version of cars dont count towards events. Almost all of them. Its completely ridiculous but again we talking about PPGs and Microsoft, we should be already used to all this nonsense :slight_smile:

It’s the Mexican variant of the MB Truck, the same way the Ice-type Ninetales is the Alolan variant of the original Fire-type Ninetales.

It’s just a different type more adapted to its surroundings.

I disliked the trucks in Horizon 4 enough to not even want to bother with this one. The prize is a horn. So I can live without it, or it’ll turn up in something else eventually.

Everyone’s glossing over the fact that the Forza Edition is simply assigned to another class. That’s why you can’t use it in the championship.


Not really. I’m saying that it is unlikely to get used at all. As a truck it can be used as a truck, but against cars you are very unlikely to pick a truck… even if it is as fast. On this forum a rumour might go around that the truck is better than the cars, but that rumour will not spread to the people who are not on the forums. The FE truck will be a dead fish in the game. Against the other trucks it would get picked, but then it would have to be rare like the Capri FE. It should have been released to the game Christmas 2022 as a truck.

It’s not unprecedented. There was a car, one of the Maseratis, I think, in Horizon 4 that had a Forza Edition in Track Toys, and the stock variant in a different divison, I don’t remember, but maybe Hypercars or Modern Supercars or something.

In this case, the Forza Edition upgrades probably made it too OP to balance against the other two “trucks” so they stuffed it in Offroad, or something.

Surprised the same argument isn’t being had about the Fairlady Z FE. It’s in off-road. Shouldn’t it be in the “everything is better in Japanese, did you watch the new fast and furious” category?


The FE truck is actually really overpowered - just look at the youtube video by Don Joewon Song regarding that truck. Cars in the same pl don’t stand a chance against this truck in offroad races. Especially if you are a master like Don is…

Truck in this game is a Lowry.

It is silly but you can easily rent the stock truck and win the seasonal event.

Funny thing: Did the Heavy Hitter before a few minutes in Horizon Tour. Choose the FE Truck and only me and the winner of the race (another player with an FE Truck) reached the finish line. Even for the third placed player in Deberti Design Ford F-150 the timer was up before he gets to the finish line.

Second race was the same - only the winner and me as second both on FE Truck were over the finish line, no one else finished the race in time.

Third race was something different, as only I reach the finish, as the other FE misses some checkpoints in the offroad race and was on the last place.

The FE Truck is really fun to drive - everybody who own one should give it a try - only letdown for me as player who uses the third person camera is the bad overview from that position. Just hit the gas and you know why it is not listed as truck.