When do you tune aero?

I’ve a good idea of my personal order of tuning (springs arbs dampers diff caster springs again camber toe). but i’m a bit lost with aero.any ideas would be really welcome.

Depending on the kind of track I want to do, I consider my aero options. Almost every car I do will include aero and a lot of those will go straight to the max setting before I tweak anything else since it does affect the spring rates, roll bars, etc.

I do this because I race a lot of career, and the tracks I o online or in Rivals are such that the max aero is beneficial - ie Nurburgring GP, Catalunya, Laguna Seca - and the loss of top speed is of no consequence.

If I put aero in the build I use it, all of it!

While I am still learning, not all of my cars have aero added. Tuning is track specific, and you tune differently for Fast Lap times which are good for no collision races, and “Lobby” cars that have enough control to avoid collisions, but fast enough to compete.

That said, I adjust aero last, after setting the suspension, breaks and differential. I start out in the middle of the adjustable range, and then find where the adjustment gives me either fastest laps or best control. At first I set the setting at the maximum before stating to tune, but I found that when I got to playing with the aero, the car behaved much better when I backed the aero down. I also found that it was easier to feel how well the car was behaving when setting the suspension [Stiffness and Bias] without the extra down force masking issues. Don’t forget someone provided a table with aero values to keep the car in balance.

If you set your car with the best handling and the maximum down force, you will have a car that is easy to drive, but not very competitive. Find your level of comfort to match your driving skills, and adjust your car as your driving skills improve. I am not alone in seeing too many cars sliding into other cars out of control and then leaving the race in last place.

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I know how to tune it. and I never use max. I’ll have one wing a max.


How do you choose which wing?

I tune aero first just to get a general base setting in and then tune it as I go along.

So for a fast track like spa I’d put low downforce on the car and then have to lengthen the gear ratios. For a handling track like Seca, I’d put high downforce on the car and shorter gear ratios.

Hope this helped.

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Yes i was kind of thinkin that,its course specific but has so much impact on the rest of the tune.

First and Last. Same with tires :slight_smile:

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really cant say that going full retard on aero is the way to go. as mentionned on tracks with high speed corners if you have the power add aero and you will gain precious hundreds of seconds there. on a track like spa you could go 25% on aero and play more with suspension and gear and gain time.
There is no overall good or bad setup.


AWD = SUPPOSED to be balanced (depends on make model , weight of car, weight distribution

so based on that , supposing you already changed your suspension and tire.
you will need more aero on front for FWD
you will need more aero on back for RWD
you will need to adjust on feeling for the AWD.

if tires tend to give up to fast when you already have to much downforce try to loosen the suspension a bit / loosen sway bar.

Advices are based on real life experience but need in-game tweaking.

Note that some cars are actually just cool and not good for racing … :slight_smile:

I think some people are not getting the OP… He’s asking when should he start tuning the aero, not how to tune it!
Anyway tuning has no order, and tbh, you shouldn’t be using an order but anyway… I straight away bring it to the top, then tune the rest of the car and once that has been done, If I get certain characteristics I’ll adjust the aero so generally at the start and end, but like I said, you shouldn’t be using an order because you lose the sense of tuning for A track.
Hope I helped but please consider not using an order.


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In this sense the aero is a bit tricky. Personally, I don’t often tune for specific tracks, I tune for a specific style of track and only because I don’t do anything super competitive so that isn’t necessary to me enjoying how I want to play the game. RR, I believe he is looking for an order or time to tune aero when looking for his original base tune. All cars don’t need this, but there are a lot in the game that do, that I need to take out once I upgrade and do a simply base tune. Once I’ve done this, I take them to the specific track I want to tune for and I go from there.

To clarify my earlier post, when building my base tune, I will tune the aero as one of the earlier parts because the amount of downforce I chose to try will affect my spring rate and I find it easier to set a starting downforce number and then do the springs as opposed to setting up my springs, adding some aero, and then having to redo the springs anyways. Obviously, once I start tuning on a specific track, if I make adjustments to the aero I must make other changes and then I will do so.