When did CD PROJEKT RED take over development of Horizon 5?

Question is in the title :slight_smile: I’m on Series X.

Let’s address the elephant in the room for what it is.

Horizon 5 was a good 6-12 months from a stable fully featured release when it was actually released., and something I would expect from CD PROJEKT RED after the Cyperpunk debacle.

They took Horizon 4 which was always veery stable, created a new map, then destroyed the multiplayer, made the route creator barely functional (I’m being kind, it’s non functional in it’s current form), made the Horizon 4 rain drops issue so much worse, introduced so many crashes it’s not funny, and created endless forum discussions about bugs, instead of about a great game.

How does a AAA title from a Microsoft developer, the first to really push the Series X, arrive with so many bugs?

A month on, has it gotten better?

Well, no, it’s somehow gotten worse.

After the new patch, I get 5-10 crashes per hour (and I’m not talking about my poor driving skills).

And I’m not even sure if the 3rd December patch solved a single one of the tens of problems I experienced in the first 3 weeks.

But it created a lot more.

Download and save a set-up to the car? Crash.

Exit an event, and either get a black screen for 60 seconds, or get a crash.

Crash, crash, crash, crash.

Given the massive complexity of a game like this, and Christmas coming up (Playground will take a holiday as they should) it seems highly unlikely we will have a stable functional game before March.

Who played this game before release and aid “Yeah, it’s great, release it.”?

Rant over.