When A League Relies on You...

Hello all,

Anyone know a way that I can get in contact with Turn 10? Let me be legit here, I was banned due to placing a modding car in the Auction House that I was unaware that it was apparently modded. I do not mod cars and had no way of knowing that this car was modded since I bought it from the Auction House.

The reason why I care so much is that I run a league on the game that is pretty high standards. We have a pretty active community and don’t want to shut it down because of a mistake like this. I have tried e-mailing and messaging Turn 10 on Facebook and their respective e-mail but have gotten no response. Is there a way I can call them toll free or get in contact with them through the forums or somewhere.

Thank you all for the help and may you have a great day,


Emailing is the only way now, it seems. If the league is dependent on your hosting, you’ll probably have to arrange for someone to fulfill those duties for you until the ban subsides.

The ban isn’t likely to be lifted - modding is often one and done (and can actually get you booted from Live as well).

Apologies for your frustration, however you should contact Turn 10 at forzafb@microsoft.com

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