Wheelspin Fair or Unfair?

Hello guys, I’m making this thread so you can post your opinion about the wheelspin. In my opinion, I find it kinda unfair. Why? I won 5 wheelspins took me almost 3 hours when I used them I got less than $30k (1st: $3k 2nd: $8k 4th: $8k 5th: $5k) thats a total of $24k for 5 wheelspins…

Let your opinions below

I think if I get 1 credit from the wheelspin it is generous. Some games don’t have a wheelspin.

I bought a Ferrari GTO last night and own approx 100 cars with very little outlay by me. Most have been free dlc cars and wheelspin cars.

I think it is more than fair and that I will end up with credits with nothing to spend them on especially if I go for the achievement to do 168 championships.

Do you win the lottery every time you play? No get over it another Wheelspin thread for no reason.

The wheelspin is supposed to be random but its always a win. I have found that banking spins at least Makes you feel like you’re winning more even though you usually don’t. I also feel that I get better prizes cash wise when I have less than a million credits in the bank to begin with. All in all I think I’ve won more than thirty cars off the wheelspin and I’m currently around level 170. I think it’s a perfectly fair way to grab some extra cash.

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