Im just wondering thoughts on the two wheels being offered.I currently dont own one but on past platforms I have as well as on pc sims I have and really miss not having one for forza 5. Dilemma is that the mad catz wheel appears to not being shipped till june sometime per their website.What are opinions on waiting for the mad catz one to come out vs getting the thrustmaster wheel.On paper it looks like the mad catz wheel long term may be better with add ons etc.Ive read people are satisfied w the thrustmaster wheel.Whats the consensus on whats going to be a better wheel? Price point is the same.

Thrustmaster are also doing add ons for the wheel. They have a 3 pedal set in the works (T3PA), and I H pattern shifter (TH8A) for use with the TX. It is also compatible with the F1 and GTE rims, these rims are originally from the T500RS wheel’s eco system.

What is the prices on the 3 pedal system and shifter? Will it honestly be worth $399 and whatever the extras are over something like the new MadCatz that is the same price but I don’t know if it offers extras or not?

The Madcatz is apparently going to have an add on eco system, I dont know what that entails though, or possible pricing. As the the TX, no idea what the potential price of the 3 pedal set or shifter will be. Hopefully they release sooner rather than later though, because I am really enjoying the TX.

Guess we need to wait for the first MadCatz wheel reviews to show up. Some previews mentioned pretty weak FF effects, guess thats why they also included a lap rest for the wheel. There’s no way you could use a pro-sumer wheel like the TM 458 or the T500s on your lap unless you turn down the FF strenght to a minimum. Furthermore it only offers DOR of 270 or 900 degrees, while the TM TX458 offers 4 different DOR’s (900, 540, 360 and 270) that can be changed on the fly.
Its also worth to mention that MadCatz didnt have a good reputation so far (some even call it “MadCrapz”) and not much experience in creating high quality wheels. They recently bought some companies (like SAITEK) and are now selling their products under the MadCatz brand but it remains to be seen if this will really improve the quality and reliability of their array of products.

I decided to go with the TM TX458 and i didnt regret it at all. Luckily i wasnt affected by all the issues the first batch of TX458 wheels has seen, and i’m still enjoying my TX458 (with the GTE wheel Add-On) like on the first day. Now i’m just waiting eagerly for the pedals and the shifter to be released.

Honestly, I’d just take the plunge and buy the Thrustmaster. The Madcatz has already been delayed out until June and who knows if it’ll be delayed even further once we get closer to June. We really don’t have anything to judge the two wheel by since there hasn’t been anything really released on what the Madcatz wheel is like, so it’s really just about deciding if you can go on without a wheel for a few more months or if you want one now.