I’ve noticed some legend tuners selling cars with wheels that are not available to me,is there any way for somebody that does not have elite status to be the them? Also I bought one of those cars and playing around removed the seller set up and now I can’t find the wheels there’s any way to recover them? Thanks

I’ve read somewhere that it’s a tuning setup from FM6 (or other supported Forza?). I guess you will need that setup to have those wheels.
Yes it’s strange that such content exists. It might be because of license agreement between Turn10 and actual wheels etc. manufacturers.

Thank you

I sync my designs from Forza 6 but only the designs transfer not the wheels,any help please…

I haven’t tried this myself since I don’t own an X One

So if I create a tuning file in FM6 with wheels not available in FH3 then transfer it, said wheels will be on the particular car in Horizon. Is that correct?

The tune and design transfered for me but not the wheels,and I’m seeing ppl with the same wheels on FH3 so I don’t understand that’s why I’m asking for help