Wheels for use with Forza 7

Hi I have just pre-ordered the game, and was looking into buying a wheel.
There is a large selection, so I was just wondering what the community might recommend.
I’m looking for one with 3 peddles, force feedback, and a gear stick, and relatively robust.
So please suggest some below, and I apologize if I have posted this in the wrong place, I’m relatively new to the forums.


PC or console?

Budget + Country?

Welcome Dr. If you press the All Forums tab and Misc and General Xbox Gaming you’ll see a Hardware forum that may have some discussion on wheels that can address your questions.

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Thrustmaster makes a good wheel for a budget and if you want, in my opinion, the best for the money look at the Fanatec products. I have the Clubsport wheel, Clubsport pedals, and Clubsport shifter. All in a very nice racing cockpit.
I had a Thrustmaster wheel and upgraded to the Fanatec set up and love it! If any of it broke I would buy the Fanatec again hands down! What is really nice is the power of the FFB and how accurate it feels. You can also adjust the feel way more than the Forza lets you adjust in the game as the wheel actually has many settings on it that you can change on the fly while racing. There is also 5 seperate presets so if you like a different set up for racing and drifting you can change the settings instantly without going to the games main menu. It also comes in handy if you play multiple racing games as you can have your presets all set up for each game and get the perfect feel from each game instantly.
I absolutely love my set up!

Dust2Death also brought up sone great questions as my set up is got the Xbox One ( original ) but will getting the Xbox One X as soon as they take pre orders and purchasing a good 65" 4K tv too.

Despite all the Fanatec hype,the Thrustmaster is a good wheel,the 1st Fanatecs were good paper weights,just ask Worm!! PS,i think Dan must work for Fanatec,he is always preaching how great they are. I’ve had my TX for over 2 years now,not one problem,actually,i have 2 TX’s. When I say the 1st Fanatecs,i mean the ones with the junk motors they made for Xbox.

No T Rex, I do not work for Fanatec…LOL
I started racing with wheels about 13 years ago with the white Microsoft wheel and I believe it was Forza 2 and had side by side racing rigs to race my friends on split screen back then. Microsoft actually had to make me a personal program as the wheels were no set up to use 2 on a single console.
I then upgraded to a Fanatec Porsche turbo wheel and eventually the first Clubsport wheel and I loved it. Sadly it didn’t work with the Xbox one as they changed the programming of the FFB when they changed from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One.

Fanatec did not have a wheel at first for the Xbox one ( I am guessing it was a marketing contract of some sort) so I bought a Thrustmaster TX wheel to play and it was ok. It did not have the all the FFB settings as the Fanatec but was not a bad wheel. My biggest complaint was the rim size as it was noticeably smaller than what I liked. More like a go cart size wheel but it drove quite nice. It also had the auto clutch that you could use that was a split between automatic transmission and manual with clutch. It would automatically apply the clutch every time you shifted with the paddle shifters allowing you to race in manual with clutch settings in Forza without having to use the clutch.

Then after Fanatec re entered the Xbox One picture with the Clubsport V2 wheel I bought it and loved it. It had the bigger wheel and had stronger FFB with all the settings in the wheel adjusting the FFB in the game as well. I like being able to set up the FFB in the game and then really fine tune the FFB even more with the settings provided in the wheel too.
I also like being able to store the 5 different preset FFB settings so I can have a set up for drifting ( which I am really bad at…LOL) and at least on for racing. I sometimes will race in different degrees of rotation too. I may race a street car in 900 degrees and an Indy car in say 360 degrees and a Fanatec allows me to have adjustments on the FFB already set up in the presets that I can change instantly on the flyer the different FFB settings of that different rotation degrees ( 900 and 360 )

The presets also work nice for me when changing from Forza to Project cars and Assetto Corsa as I have the presets all set up already that again I can change instantly with.

I like the Fanatec the best of any wheel I have ever owned but with that being said that is what I want in a wheel and it’s also my opinion. I am willing to pay the larger price for what it gives me. If someone does not want all of the extra features the other wheels will work plenty fine. I know as I have owned others. It is a matter of preference as to what you want and what you can afford. I have explained perhaps a few times in this forum about my Fanatec wheel but to someone asking about a wheel usually and I want them to understand why there is a big difference in price from the Thrustmaster and the Fanatec.

If I owned a Porsche and talked it up above a common, well let’s just say, Dodge Avenger, that does not mean either is a bad car.
I would just like the features the Porsche gives me and would be willing to spend the extra money for that.
It would not mean I worked for Porsche.

By the way, I have never had a wheel fail me of any of the manufactures I have used. I do know that some very early Fanatecs had some motor problems but that was mostly in the Xbox 360 era and again I never had a problem. I also know that the first TX wheels had motor problems with the Xbox One era wheel but again I never had a problem with mine. Also if you look at my rewards score you can see that I do drive a pretty fair amount so that’s not because I hardly ever use the wheels either.

Normally, the TX wheel will work with FM7 ?


Logitech G920 is also a good budget option. In the US you can find it for about $300 ( and $60 for the shifter, which is sold separately)

One major caveat with the Logitech G920 is that it is cheaper because it uses a much older design than other wheels. That means its pretty reliable, but it’s also not as impressive as the other wheels (especially the feel of the wheel movement due to using gears rather than a belt). I don’t think any other wheel compares for the price. But for slightly more money, Thrustmaster offers wheels with much better feel.

Thank you for all your suggestions. I have not really set a budget yet, just searching the water, not looking to spend thousands etc. And i’m on Xbox One.

A Thrustmaster TX wheel and pedals will cost you about 400 dollars
A Fanatec CSL wheel is about 400 dollars and the pedals are 200 but if going this route I would recomend spending another 100 dollars to upgrade to the Clubsport V3 pedals as they have a much better load cell and an overall better build
so in total about 700 dollars for Fanatec versus 400 with the Thrustmaster TX set up.

Well if you take price and brand bias (if any) out of the picture and look at it from a mechanical point of veiw, ie the build quality.

Logitech g29/g920: metal helical gears, driven by 2 brushed motors, non changeable wheel rim. Max FFB torque 2.2Nm

Thrustmaster TX: toothed belt drive with plastic pulleys, driven by single brushless motor, changeable wheel rims with plastic semi quick release system. Max FFB torque 3.9Nm

Fanatec CSW v2: V-belt drive with alloy pulleys, driven by single brushless motor, changeable wheel rims with alloy quick release system. Max FFB torque 7.1Nm

Imo its pretty much a simple good/better/best scenario.