Considering a player who has a good skill playing with the control xbox, as the player would gain time in the race if he played with a steering wheel?

I do not think so. Reaction time with a wheel is slower than the controller because of the distance that a wheel must be moved vs. controller

I had never played video games until forza 4 so I started with a wheel cause I could not control the controller and I was faster with the wheel but after two years of practice I am faster with the controller so I do all my leaderboard stuff with controller and race online with the wheel. With that being said the wheel makes the game so much more enjoyable.

I have only played with a wheel on Forza 4, I aggree that a wheel makes it abit more fun.

Controller type does not affect pace except for a small amount on ovals.

I’ve always raced with the MS wheel since Forza 2.
The Braking on my wheel is ridiculous as when I barely touch the brake pedal, the brakes engage instantly and will lock up if braking somewhat hard.
I use ABS braking, but then there is not enough braking.

So my best racing is on the Ovals.

I’m trying to learn Non-ABS braking by turning the brake pressure down to about 60 lbs.

I’ve just bought a wheel and waiting on it to get here. I do very well with a controller, but as an older fellow who already has some carpal tunnel problems, the controller is killing my hands after racing for any length of time. I also find sometimes the controller is not very smooth for me on finite adjustments while racing.

Hopefully the wheel will make both of these issues better while also providing added realism (already race with all assist off).

Using a wheel takes some time to get used to, but once you’re up to speed, you’ll be running times mimicking using a controller. There are racers out there that are just as fast with a wheel as the fastest controller users.

If you’re quick with a controller and you get a wheel you’re likely to get a bit frustrated when you first start using it. But if you persevere and learn you’ll eventually become just as fast if not faster than you were with a controller.
You’ll have much more fun racing with a wheel and pedals though, no question.