Wheel vs Keyboard, turning is weird

Hello everyone! been driving with keyboard for a month+ now and i love it.
Set up a drifting car perfectly for me and have been using it almost all the time, so i decided to get a wheel.
I set up the wheel as id like it, start driving and notice that the car feels completely different.
Turning: If i roll straight and fullock the wheel the car doesnt turn the same as with a keyboard it like slides forward, how does one fix this?
Oversteering: i guess its from the lack of being able to catch the car the same because of the steering issue…

tl;dr, The car slides forward when steering, how do you fix this?

Have a good day!

I know what you mean. I’m using a wheel for month and a half. There is no way you can turn faster then a keyboard press so you need to be gentler with the wheel and also ask yourself would I turn my wheel like that at this speed in a normal car. That’s what helped me. Also you need to correct the car sooner. Since you are not faster than a keyboard you need to initiate everything before you do on the keyboard.

Hope this helps.

But its like i get more steering angle on the wheel,
it slides when going slow and fullock turn.

I have my wheel on 450 degree rotation, and I only need to turn it a few degree in corners. Steering to much and you get understeer (slides). The tyres start to make noise when you turn the wheel to much, and you can also feel it in the FFB.

A long and short is controller/keyboard has an antiyaw to account for lower resolution. When I was trying to get my wheel set up in dealing with being unable to countersteer naturally in feel, I found that same car, no tune difference was impossible practically to due to spinout on wheel was impossible to spinout with keyboard unless I really forced it.

Drifting with wheel is more challenging, to get countersteering comfortable, I turnrd my lock to lock down to the 400s and spent a weekend playing with the force feedback and other wheel advanced settings. Once comfy though, drifting is a lot more fun.

I am insane now.
I’ve never driven a wheel setup before but it seems way off.
I have:
Changed all assists, normal/sim steering, traction control, abs and everything.
Tuned the car to ridiculous settings just to try to get the front to grip (soften to a pillow)
Tried fully upgraded cars (drift suspension & race suspension)
tried bone stock cars ( fwd, awd, rwd )
The wheel is fully updated and drivers are downloaded.
reinstalled the game
reinstalled drivers
low degree in thrustmaster software & high degree (all from 90 to 900)
Tried changing all the advanced settings sliders in the wheel config

Every damn car feels like a dam bus…(understeering wise)
Steering quickly but going like 40k/h (45 less than 45 degrees is enough) makes it slide forward completely losing control in the front.
High speed steering is flatout impossible if anything more than 10 degrees steering it just slides like a moron.

is there anyone else experiencing this with their wheel?
(thrustmaster TX leather ED on PC)

or am i a complete retard and its supose to feel like this?