Wheel twitchyness and options resetting

Recently i bought a Logitech G29 so i could get a bit more into racing games. I got the game on release and played with a controller until now. I didn’t get the wheel for forza specifically, but i thought it would be fun to play it with it. The problem is that i can’t for the life of me figure out how set up the wheel to make the game even remotely playable. I’ve tried messing with the wheel rotations and linearities and all but the cars just handle twitchy as hell. And yes i did turn simulation handling on. Trying to handle anything above 150 kmh (100 mph) feel just impossible. Even the slightest counter steering flicks the car instantly in the direction i’m turning, making me counter steer again and so on, eventually just losing the control entirely. Does anyone have any setting recommendations or anything to help with the issue? Is it my settings or me or is it just a problem with the game as it’s mainly made for controllers and they just built the wheel configs on top of that? I can get over the wonky FFB the game offers but control over the cars is my main issue.

Also why does the game reset to the default G29 setting every time i launch up the game even though i play with a custom wheel setup. It didn’t do that with a controller. And why does the game reset or change my graphics options every time i update the game and sometimes even when i launch up normally. It’s damn annoying to have to go check and tweak my settings every time i launch the game up. I’d just like to boot the game up and play it and not have to mess with the options all the time. I think i’ve already spent enough time in the graphics settings trying to make the game run smooth with the pc port and all. I’d like to be over with option menus and control settings 2 months into the game being out and just enjoy the game as it is.

this !!! but i think this get never fixed . I have say this before the FIRST patch cames out !! But you see its still there .

P.S.: for your other wheel problems there is a settings thread for g25/29/920

Thank you for linking the thread! It helped a lot and i got a good initial setup from it :slight_smile: